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Thursday, March 15, 2018

And the beat goes on...

Me used to shout from the treetops, droogs. Now my type gets hilariously made fun of on blogs like F-bushed, which has quickly emerged as a must-read around here. In his latest, he pulls no punches at whitey, and they pretty much all land. Though he didn't bother to mention that ONCE AGAIN none of the rendering models are fat. So size-ist! Like chubby folks don't need homes.

You know what? I don't care anymore. I have a place to live, and as long as you let me blast my Steely Dan at 7 am, y'all can build 20 story cubic zirconias on your chimneys. You want peace and dignity get yourself a place in the Manor.

Whatevs, Kev. The future, she has arrived.

Linden, East of Nostrand. Coming soon to YOUR block?
And as predicted, plans have been filed for the Brooklyn Union Armory.

I trust the Q doesn't have to tell you which he's happier about. 250 units of housing for folks making less than $50,000. And the "Kill the Deal" crowd is called the progressives? As my gramma used to say "Criminy." Yes, public housing would have been the right move. But so would universal health care. Know mean?


colin, across the street from the atrocity on linden smh said...

If it weren't for "Kill the Deal," far less of those Armory apartments would have been affordable.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

not so. Cumbo was always going to negotiate the deal they finally got. That's the politics. Sadly the whole thing was done before it got started. In fact, the KtD folks gave her the cover, even as they called her out as a traitor. I don't think she anticipated being hated so much by the KtD before she played her hand though. She didn't get to come out a hero. That was all AB & CHTU.

They're still crying to Kill the Deal though. There's no compromise going on at CB9 either, ensuring that all these deals get made without community input.

Tim Thomas said...

It kinda blows my mind the way people assume politicians are just going to greenlight any development project. It's just not true. Even when there's no active demonstration against, they're not heartless (generally) or incompetent (except Eugene.) You can say what you will about them but you can't say across the board that they don't care. I've gotten to know a number of them, and it visibly hurts to get called a traitor, or Uncle Tom or sell-out. But they do become realists (maybe not the Barrons) and recognize that not everything is do-able. A city is a giant organism, and you can't take a neighborhood completely out of the whole.

Anonymous said...

To maximize the number of apartments built in Brooklyn, the government has to get out of the way. Once the city begins negotiating the ratio of market-rate units vs "affordable" units, the total number goes down. Everyone loses a little when the government meddles.

Even zoning is troubled. The square-footage of land in the city is limited. So, that means the way to go is UP. As is obvious by now, the world did not come to an end when 626 Flatbush rose 26 stories.

Furthermore, it's way past time for the city to reacquire Floyd Bennett Field and let builders turn that vast unused space into Floyd Bennett City.