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Monday, December 14, 2015

Barry Hersko Sinks Even Lower

60 Clarkson's homeless shelter families are set to have a nice holiday party tonight, with pot-luck and presents and a lot of neighbors chipping in. One problem...the landlord doesn't want them to. He's gone to court to shut it down.

Why? Beats me. Why does this asshole get up in the morning? To make money and screw his fellow human beings. Doing both at once provides him with double the pleasure, apparently.

More unnecessary drama as it unfolds...


Bob Marvin said...

No Tim; that POS couldn't possibly sink any lower. This latest move is just typical behavior and arguably not as bad as some of his other stunts.

Anonymous said...

THIS needs to make the front page of the NY Daily News, making him the official national Grinch of Christmas 2015. Can somebody please make that happen?

Da FunkyFetus Rocks said...

As I stated on a previous article concerning this evil thug,he should be prosecuted! How aren't his actions criminal? He's forcing people to live in horrendous conditions while receiving monies from state/government agencies.There's got to be some way he's criminally prosecuted and made to repay EVERY single cent he's been paid on behalf of those tenants!! Eternity in Hell is the only fitting thing for this purely evil individual.