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Friday, December 18, 2015

Hell Yeah, Bedford Armory

Sounds like our Bedford Armory is getting the sort of public-private development favored these days by public officials. Looks pretty sweet to me. The community center desired by the, community, seems to be alive and well in this plan. Interestingly, office space is included. My understanding is that office (i.e. WORKplace) space is in desperately low inventory. Could be that more jobs are moving to the neighborhood as well? This could be good for surrounding businesses. Cheers, Eric-Diana-Laurie-Jesse et al.


Anonymous said...

This seems like the type of workable and ideal project that would be perfect for the Brooklyn Fastfood/Storage District (aka Empire Blvd).

Anonymous said...

Not related to this post, but Brooklyn Commons just opened in the watchtower/phat albert building. I know there is already a small coworking space in there, but this one supports 100 seats.

Anonymous said...

If this comes to fruition and actually includes a community center such as a swimming pool, a turf field and basketball courts, it will be amaze balls. It would be awesome.

MikeF said...

Yet, some local advocates are upset over the armory's design and which developer was chosen: