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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This Is How We Can Really Help - Wednesday

The Q heartily recommends you consider attending PLGNA's housing meeting on Wednesday. We may be losing the battle to rezone and demand affordable housing as the neighborhood grows and changes hastily. But that's about a strategy for the future. Right now, our neighbors need to know their rights, know that there's help (both financial and legal), and know that their community won't allow landlords to pressure them to move. Many neighborhoods have gone through the pain, but many organizations and leaders have learned from prior battles how best to stand up to illegal intimidation, price-gauging and racist lease practices. If you want to be a hero, help someone stay in their home. And please, plug in to an organization - Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association - that is interested in reasonable dialogue and respectful collaboration with all stakeholders - from City agencies to elected officials. Because, well for one thing, we ALL live here and the world is bigger than just two blocks of Empire Blvd.

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