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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kings County Nursery NOT Selling for North of $10 Million

UPDATE: HOLY COW! Joe changed his mind. Thx to commenter Kimplicated, we now know that Joe asked the broker to take down the listing!

Just got our Christmas Tree from Kings County. Sad to hear they're answering the siren call of the Development Gods. At least they'll make a ton of dough. As the Donald would say...SAD. As in actually sad, not sarcastic mean sad.

They're Selling Both Sides of the Street - See Doug E. Lliman


Anonymous said...

No!!!!!!! Bummer. I liked that place.

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of the area let me just say that my hat is off to the former owners of Kings County Nursery. They taught my wife and I a lot about gardening, and were always a bright spot in our weekend when shopping for new plants, mulch, hoses, etc.
I happen to know that the owners were looking to move on for a number of years ; and they had spent many years building up a fine business. I don't blame them for selling to the highest bidder, no more than I would blame a person for selling their house to the highest bidder.
The owners, rather than be portrayed as "sell outs" should instead be thanked for having built something up, by their knowledge and hard work, that will be now be missed by their leaving.
Had they never done that, which is to their credit, no one could criticize them for "selling out."
So instead I congratulate Kings County for a job very well done, for many years, and all they've contributed to the area.

Anonymous said...

They have two lots to sell for that price, the storage lot is across the street. We will all miss them but come on, lay off. The business lasted 2 or 3 generations and I heard their kids don't want to own a garden store for a living. It happens all the time everywhere. My father sold his businesses too when I didn't have the abilities to do what he did.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Who called them sell outs? Certainly not me. I've heard no one say such a thing. They did what people do - look out for their interests. And I've spent thousands there through the years; I've always been very kind about them right here on this ol' blog.

When I said "sad" I meant sad. No irony, no sarcasm. I will miss them. And frankly, I live far enough from NY Avenue that I don't much care about the development boom.

I have said it again, and again, and again, and again. Thanks to insanity and ignorance, we get NO affordable units out of it. That is WAY sadder than the loss of any nursery.

Kimplicated said...

I went over this morning to talk to Joe, and he changed his mind! He even showed me the email directing the broker to remove the listing. We dodged a bullet there...

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to the Nursery. I was in Errol's last night getting my curry chicken fix and heard they are going to court today. The landlord raised their rent which they agreed upon then changed their mind and gave them six days to vacate. Sas days.