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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Turning Point For Errol's Bakery

Update Update Dec 9: According to Equality 4 Flatbush, the lease negotiations continue, and there is currently no move by the landlord to force Errol's to vacate. So confusing! And yet, the show of support is still on for next week - the 17th of December.

Update Dec 8: From reader Josh: I was in Errol's last night getting my curry chicken fix and heard they are going to court today. The landlord raised their rent which they agreed upon then changed their mind and gave them six days to vacate. Sad days.

If true, the below speculation is moot.

Here's what the Q knows so far about the popular Caribbean Bakery at Flatbush/Hawthorne. Their current lease is up. Owners Dorothy and Errol Miller reached out to the local Parkside/Empire merchant's group for legal help at one point to renegotiate. I have no idea whether it's simply a matter of money or if there's more to the story, but your friends at Equality 4 Flatbush have stepped in to organize an event to show community support. Hopefully by then I can get more info on what actually is the sitch. (Feel free to chime in with your intel!) Usually if you stage something like this one would hope to see more detail, but maybe that's confidential? If the Landlord is someone at fault beyond wanting market rate, then I would imagine a legal issue is at stake. I do know that Delroy Wright of the now defunct former merchant's association FEPMA made some noise about this on the local Facebook page, and subsequently reached out to Imani Henry of E4F. One would certainly hope if Errol's is doing fair business that something could be worked out. It's hard to imagine the corner without them. But then it was hard to imagine a 23-story building across the street too.

Anyhow, E4F is an anti-gentrification group and this is their poster for the Dec 17th Show of Support event.

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Equality for Flatbush said...

Important FYI : Confirming Errol's Bakery has not received a 6-day vacate order. They are still a process of legal negotiations with landlord