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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Party Off, Wayne

Could be a major bumsky coming for the Pop-Up Discotheque Sonic Jungle planned for the as-of-yet unoccupied building on Flatbush at Lefferts.

Un-Safety Dance

Let the record state that the Q is all for these parties, so long as they happen but a few times. I hope they get the permits, and I hope there's not an upper age limit. And all the Old Fogeys need to remember the freedom of youth fondly, and let the kids dance on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a reason why events like this actually require permits, safety inspections, sound proofing etc. According to the article they're expecting 4,000 people to party at an active construction site and they don't have all this stuff figured out?

Plus they can tout all the bs they want about how it's about how the purpose is to "connect with cultural roots, and so on" but at the end of the day, events like this are held to make a profit. Which is why they're charging $50 a ticket. Hope it gets shut down.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Wow. What a killjoy. They're starting a business, soon to happen in Bushwick, they're building momentum with some parties. Why the long face Debbie Downer? And what's with this b.s. "active construction site." Like, the pile drivers will be pounding and the cranes shaking to the beat? For chrisakes as long as there are enough exits and water for the sweaty masses... there's no fear of a repeat of Oakland.

Dang. Party pooper you are! ($50 is hardly a lot for an all night dance party btw, especially with "name brand" DJs)

Anonymous said...

Call me a killjoy all you want, it doesn't change the fact these morons wanted to do an event with thousands of people without going through the proper channels and the necessary safety precautions. I work in an industry that is heavily intertwined with live events and if any of our teams ever tried to pull a stunt like this, people would be fired instantly.

Also "They're building a business" is a bullshit excuse- so people can flaunt safety laws as long as they're just starting out? Seriously, what kind of warped justification is that?

Clearly you've heard of ghost ship. So to the point, do you know how to make sure there's enough exits for the the sweaty masses? By having a city inspector come out and getting the necessary permits!

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt they have the exits for 4000 people. Most buildings designed for retail tenants, like this one, are planned for maybe 400... and that challenge is only increased by having choke points at the construction shed on Lincoln and lobby on Flatbush. Also, it is still an active site, because it does not have a certificate of occupancy (you can check the DOB website for these) if they don't have a TCO (temporary certificate for occupancy) for that space, which is highly unlikely, they will be shut down with MASSIVE fines on the developer. There is no way they have a TCO with a change of use from the retail to a club/dance floor. The likelyhood of this party succeeding (legally and safely) is zero.

Doesn't mean it can't be fun, just means it is strongly tempting fate.

diak said...

From that howler of a mission statement:
"The event series will showcase music, art, wellness, and eco-technology as catalysts for social impact, as well as the power of nature as a healer, nourisher, stimulant, and inspirational force that sustains humanity."
I guess they forgot the power of nature to, you know, like, incinerate people...

But Mr CF sounds like he's getting with the new reality: let's get rid of all this needless government regulation and red tape and permits so businesses can thrive! (And this time you can dance to it!)