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Monday, September 4, 2017

Lefferts Echo Ready For Perusal

It's here! The Echo, America's greatest two or four page hyperlocal actually printed newspaper is out, just in time for the crucial election for City Council. That the incumbent has even a chance shows the power of incumbency...the guy hasn't a clue after 10 years, and a win by him is yet another eff you to the entire community. Get out the vote!


Anonymous said...

Really. It's sad and funny at the same time. What have we got in the voter calculus? Three against one. Three candidates with look-alike platforms. And one guy in office. In other words, a case study in splitting the vote. Eugene has already ordered his champagne.

There is one glaring difference in platforms. It appears in the absence of a plank on immigration for three of the four candidates. Of course, good old Eugene has that base covered. He spells it out. He's buying votes by helping illegal immigrants from Haiti. To reiterate, Helping means buying. He's compensating his voters. And, hush-hush, the same goes for illegal immigrants from elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Eugene delivers the goods. The other three, well, they've offered nothing to anyone except their willingness to hike up to the high moral ground. But when it comes to winning an election, that ain't gonna work. You'd think they'd know the game by now.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous September 4, 2017 at 11:54 AM, I don't think Eugene is compensating his voters. Not sure that sort of conspiracy-think is ever helpful. I do agree that the vote will be split though, much like it was in 2013 with all these candidates clogging up the ballot. Cannot believe that Berkley won't dropped out - what ever happened to the greater good? The only hope we have is for Cunningham to be clever enough to squirrel away enough of his war chest to mount an aggressive campaign during the general election.