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Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween - Look No Further Than Home For Trick or Treatin'

What, you thought I was joking? Ladies and Gentlemen, Sia joins Applejack and Pinky Pie
Safe, sweet, and full of sweets, the local "safe walk" organized by the 71st precinct is quite simply the great secret of Brooklyn Halloween fun. Along the beautiful blocks of Lefferts Manor, you'll see many a neighbor decked out in the latest costumes. Who will go as Harvey Weinstein? Congresswoman Fredrica Wilson? Post-Fatwa Larry David? My girls both wanted to go as Sia, and a fight ensued. Thank GOD there's now a Sia Pony from the My Little Pony movie. One can be real Sia, one can be Pony Sia! Bless the marketing departments!!!

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