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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Why Brian Cunningham Has A Chance In Hell

Good news for those who think Mathieu Eugene deserves only one vote (his own, that is if he hasn't switched his residence back to Canarsie where he mostly sleeps) in the upcoming November general election.  The Working Families Party, which notably refused to endorse Eugene as it has in the past, has come out in favor of his opponent , one Brian Cunningham, on the mysterious yet beguiling Reform line. That's big news to followers of union politics. The WFP tends to align itself with union interests (put the word "working" in your name and you should expect as much). Will they help sway the powerful local hospital workers unions next month? One can hope so.
This is not Brian Cunningham

When people meet Brian Cunningham, they like Brian Cunningham. Not because of his polish (or because he's Polish - which he's not - he has Jamaican roots). Not because of his beard, which he now sports despite being youthfully handsome without it. (Never vote for someone based on their facial hair. That's how we got stuck with that guy to the right, 21st president Chester Arthur, who, you must remember, gave us this gem: "“If it were not for the reporters, I would tell you the truth.” Hmm. Sounds familiar. He also famously said that his private life was none of our goddam business. Speaking of important political "business," it just occurred to me that Trump might actually be heavier than William Howard Taft. Trump is famous for fudging his weight (who doesn't?), but he's taller than Taft was, and if you look at him in golf clothes he's not just chubby - he's portly. Fat, if you will. I'm thinking he may be the heaviest president on record by the end of his term. First term. Gotta stay positive!

This is Brian Cunningham. And that's his real beard.


Nana said...

Good news indeed!

Anonymous said...

If this were a presidential election year, and Trump were running for re-election, voter turnout would reach at least to its usual level of somewhere around 40% of registered voters. Maybe the Trump factor would lead to more voters going to the polls. However, despite the inflamed state of voters last November, turnout was remarkably low. In other words, elections, to borrow from Mark Twain, are like the weather. Everybody complains about them, but nobody does anything, like vote.

When de Blatz ran in 2013, a pathetic 20% of voters went to the polls. And de Blatz received 75% of the 20%, which means he was given the keys to the mayor's office by appealing to a mere 15% of the city's voters.

This time, he's facing cartoon characters. Last time he faced a qualified candidate -- Joe Lhota -- who was, unfortunately, the worst campaigner in city history. Lhota seemed to think campaigning was undignified, so he didn't bother.

This time de Blatz can ride to re-election by doing nothing. Polling has him in the lead by miles. Almost 60% of those polled said they'd vote for de Blatz. But only 16% said they'd vote for Malliotakis. So, there ain't going to be no big fat Greek election.

For amusement purposes, Bo Diddley, uh, Bo Dietl has a catchy slogan. Dump the Mayor. Polls show he may draw 5% of the vote. Sal Albanese, another 5%.

I'm missing Jimmy McMillan, who campaigned on The Rent is Too Damn High platform. But Jimmy was one of those guys who didn't want it getting around that he lives in a dirt-cheap rent-stabilized apartment. Anyway, he hasn't been heard from lately.

Meanwhile, Mattieu Eugene has undoubtedly revved up his illegal voter registration machine.

As the Voter Registration Form makes painfully clear, there is no penalty for lying. And the form conveniently points out that would-be voters do not need a driver's license or Social Security Number to register.

Most likely, after the election, a burst of Green Cards will be issued in the district, thanks to all those hard-working immigration lawyers up and down Flatbush Ave who owe so much to Yvette Clarke and Mattieu.