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Friday, October 20, 2017

Tomorrow Oct 21: 3:30 pm. Let's Help Brian Cunningham Skewer the Lame Duck

It's time to get serious, y'all. Just a half-hour or hour of your time is required. Bring the whole family. Organized by a passionate neighbor, this event gives you a chance to meet the only hope we have that the next four years aren't as lame as the last 10. Let's get rid of the worst Councilman in NYC and replace him with a capable challenger, who managed to get his name on the Reform Party line for just this opportunity. Ironically, if elected, he'll be more of a Democrat than a certain State Senator around here who likes to tie his pony to the Republican hitch up in Albany. (Jesse, they're coming to get you!) So get on out there and vote for a true Democrat! (er, but on the Reform line).

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