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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Give 'Em Hell, Zell

It's simple.


Jeffrey M. Jones said...

Well, he's our guy now...

Captain Picard of Long Island said...

NYS Senatorial Elections are every two years.
Below are the unofficial results from NYS Board of Elections. Election was decided by just 3463 votes, not including over 2000 blank votes.

State Senate DEM Primary > 20th Senate District

Vote for 1
Active Registered Voters 136129
Results for All Counties 213 of 213 precincts reporting

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Votes%

Jesse E. Hamilton DEM 19138 43.44
Zellnor Y. Myrie DEM 22601 51.30
Blank 2195 4.98
Void 57 0.13
Write-in 66 0.15

Captain Picard of Long Island said...

MTOPP - Jumping the Shark

Well she did it again to Jessie Hamilton.
Another endorsement, another loss.
Just ask what happened when Ms. Boyd endorsed Geoffrey Davis in his bid for the 43rd Assembly seat. (just over 300 votes)

Shall we call it the Alicia effect or jumping the shark?

cali said...

It isnt iver. We still have to vote for Zell in NOV since Jesse is running on 2 party lines.