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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cul de Sacked

Unless you pass by every day you're unlikely to see the drastic change that's taken place on St. Paul's dead-end half-block just south of Church. In just a few short months the sleepy block has given rise to dozens of new fancy-ish market rate apartments. Once open and filled, lively Church Avenue will likely see big changes. So while certain self-styled activists hold protests against yours truly and other civic-minded blokes, the pace of wholesale neighborhood change barrels forward, with only the promise of a total economic meltdown to slow or stop it. Number of rent-stabilized semi-affordable units added? 0. Zero, Nil. Nada. Nilch, Naught, None.


Anonymous said...

Desmond I would like to suggest changing the ornaments on Flatbush avenue. They are dated. No one does all these bright and crazy colors anymore; it’s mostly white and sample ornaments. These lights have been up since I was a child, time for a change. Please consider this!

Anonymous said...

I am in full agreement with this article.

Alicia I grew up here. I went away to school for six years, came right back, purchased a home not too far from the house that I was raised in; where my parents currently reside. I don’t recognize the neighborhood from when I purchased my home ten years ago. People that I grew up with could no longer afford to remain. They moved to Canarsie-it’s cheaper they said. All I see are new comers of all races. I have no issues with that, all I’m interested in is that you care about the neighborhood like I do. However, what upsets me the most, is how these ugly and over scaled buildings have change the character and the fabric of each block.
It saddens me to see what's going on, on Winthrop street 1, 2 and 3; my blocks-from the age of four to when I left for school. Alicia I’m imploring you to please re-direct your fight, look what’s happening all around us. Alicia these are the things worth fighting for; keeping the scale of the development in proportion to the rest of a block. All these buildings are destroying the make-up of these streets. All these old homes are being torn down to make way for these ugly buildings, and soon we will not recognize the neighborhood. (See link below!)
A few years ago, a development was placed in the middle of Winthrop 2; now a new one is going to go up. These developers are out of control, and they've recognized that the community does not have a voice; and therefore no one to keep them accountable, and in check. What a bummer!!!
Alicia, like you, I care about Prospect Lefferts Gardens, let’s focus on this. I like your energy, but it will be better served if it was redirected at these developers. No developer should get a permit without it being reviewed, and study by the Community Board. Alicia, that’s real power!!!