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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It Couldn't Happen Here

The Q doesn't know about you, but all these frigid temperatures have me thinking about the National Socialists right here in the good ol' USA.

80 years ago, or when my father was one-year old, Madison Square Garden came to life with a rally that should still shake us awake today. The Q will gladly make the obligatory Trump analogy, but really, seeing the Nazi salute with George Washington and the American flag shows we were, and are, always but a couple of elections and a coup away from dictatorship. For me, the difference in the U.S., as opposed to say Venezuela or Turkey, is that the current oaf in office (he is an oafficial) has pissed off military brass and longtime government insiders to such a degree he'd have a hard time consolidating power. But clearly a large portion of the population that we THOUGHT were old-guard conservatives are actually ethno-nationalists of the type that took over liberal Weimar all those years ago.

Like, get a load of this:

Field of Vision - A Night at the Garden from Field of Vision on Vimeo.

Given the standard MAGA rally nonsense we've witnessed over 3 years of campaigning (yes, it still feels like a campaign - that's why so many of us feel so weary) it's fairly easy to see how the right Post-Trump candidate could come along and build momentum from an already frothy voting base. And were that person to have the military's backing, and if the Left began to revolt in a way that made the status-quo nervous, look out and get ready for the fight of your lives.


Naomi said...

Wow, somehow I was totally unaware of this rally. Chilling indeed. More info about the history at
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

God chooses our leaders.

Gary of PLG said...

Don't forget Putin in your prayers.