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Thursday, January 10, 2019

When Scaffolding Is Welcome

If you've ever wandered past the imposing Erasmus Hall campus and peeked through the gates, you've probably been shocked and awed by the old original Erasmus Academy building, a relic of another age that seems to plead "please, come and fix me, fix me before I'm lost to history." Well, that's what the Q heard it say by gum.

Word comes via the reliable BKLYNER that work has begun to restore it to its former glory. After many false starts through the years, we may actually see this Alexander Hamilton linked building used for teaching and learning. Thanks to Geoff Cobb for the amusing anecdote about ancient rifles being found recently, a couple hundred years after their "usefulness" expired - an early example of the NRA's answer to school shootings?

2018 pic by Geoff Cobb

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