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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How does this word make you feel?


Bob Marvin said...

In general, Fedders Buildings are what many people in PLG [or at least me] would like to avoid. The two historic districts [PLG and Ocean on the Park] are protected, but your end of the neighborhood isn't.

IMO one of the most notable rows of Fedders buildings in PLG is the one at Parkside and Bedford. They're far from the worst and, I suppose, are better than the gas station that was there when I first moved here and the vacant lot that followed. The builders made an attempt at ornamentation, but [again IMO] it's really badly done. They're better than many other Fedders buildings [the ones further south in Flatbush, at Bedford and Albamarle, win my nomination for the ugly prize]. Still, I can't help but wonder why subsidized "middle income" developments, like the houses on South Oxford St., off Atlantic Avenue, are SOOOO much better? It's not necessarily a money problem--the builders of the Parkside Avenue must have spent [wasted?]quite a bit on [IMO misconceived] beautification. That block has. perhaps, the MOST beautiful houses in PLG--why couldn't the new Fedders buildings have fit in a little better?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Bob: Take a closer look at the ornamentation at the Parkside and Bedford Fedders and you'll discover that parts of the facade are made of styrofoam. I'm not kidding. It's actually made of foam. (Not like the amazing FOAM HOUSE OF TOMORROW that I toured in Wisconsin Dells as a young man).

You're saying that building was subsidized? Really? Holy moly, that's enough to make me wanna cry.

Bob Marvin said...

No, the Parkside buildings aren't subsidized; I meant the attractive looking ones on So. Oxford, in Ft. Greene.

I had no idea that the "decoration" on Parkside was styrofoam--and I only thought it was bad taste!