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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

For Parents of Wee Ones - Bring Them This Saturday To the Masonic Temple

Okay, maybe that sounds a little weird. But I promise, the Freemasons aren't actually going to be there indoctrinating your children with all kinds of Masonry Hocus Pocus. If you haven't any children, read no further - there's a very exciting debate happening in two posts ago about rent regulation that has "adult" written all over it. But, if you DO have little kids, and like me you say to yourself "oh my God, another cold weekend day and I'm going to go completely out of my mind if I don't take them somewhere to run around instead of getting into all my stuff and gnawing on my favorite knick-knacks like crazed chipmunks," have I got a plan for you. And trust me, I went to this thing last year and it's actually a blast and the music is tolerable. And the food is allergen free! (Not to complain, but let me complain for a minute. It seems to me if your kids has allergies it's YOUR job to keep them from eating it, right? I mean, suddenly a lot of people have Celiac disease, but they're not needing me to keep my gluten locked behind closed doors. Maybe I'm being harsh, and kids tend to share with each other and stuff, and lick peanuts off each other's faces. I guess I can live with Sunflower Butter and Jelly Sandwiches...just forget I said anything).

Below is the promotional language for the big show. All proceeds go to the scholarship program at Maple Street, the coop nursery school so convenient they put it in the train station at Prospect Park. On Lincoln Road. So why do they call it Maple Street School? Because it used to be run out of someone's house, probably on Maple Street. It seems quite common these days for little schools to be run out of people's houses. Who knows, maybe one day they'll grow too big for their baswements, and they too can move to a public transportation hub like, I dunno, a bus station or airport or something.

And now, the advertisement:

Brooklyn Kids Rock!

LogoGet ready to kick the end-of-winter blues to the curb and get down at the third annual Brooklyn Kids Rock, New York’s most amazing kids music festival!
Join us for a rockin’ day of music, featuring four of the hottest kids music bands. This year we welcome back Jeremy Plays Guitar and Captain Kirk Douglas (of The Roots!). And we’re also thrilled to bring you two new acts: The Anna Banana Band and AudraRox! Together, these four bands will get your little ones moving and grooving (and will hopefully get you an early and easy bedtime!).
Captain Kirk Douglas AudraRox Jeremy Plays Guitar Anna Banana Band
But Brooklyn Kids Rock isn’t just music. When little feet need a break from dancing, there are awesome carnival games, face painting, arts & crafts, pizza and other food and drink.
Plus, an amazing raffle with prizes like tickets to SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark, a Brooklyn Nets game, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; an ice cream party at Ample Hills Creamery; and a 15-week music class at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music!
It’s a whole day of fun, all in one room!

Details & Directions

Brooklyn Kids Rock!
Saturday, March 2, 2013
11am – 3pm
at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple
317 Clermont Ave @ Lafayette, Fort Greene (map)

1 comment:

Bob Marvin said...

"So why do they call it Maple Street School? Because it used to be run out of someone's house, probably on Maple Street".

OK, in my self-appointed role of historical nudge and PITA pedant; MSS started out in a house on Lincoln II. as the Prospect lefferts Gardens Community School, moved to space at St. Francis, on Maple Street, where it got its long-term name, went to a store front on Nostrand (where my son attended in the '80s), the Congregational Home on Linden, and finally its present space at the subway station.

Enough know-it-all pedantry--it's a great neighborhood asset and worthy of support--go to this event if you have kids.