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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meeting This Tuesday Night If You're Upset About Local Quality of Life Issues

The Q has been hearing that things are pretty out of control up at the old Rhythm Splash/Lime/Handyman's bar at 673 Flatbush. Volumes are earth-shattering on weekends, and fights have been breaking out. Someone noted a bullet hole on the sign. Concurrently, there are some pretty serious ruffian doings up on Fenimore. I've seen and heard tell of a hooligan patch on Winthrop, serious shenanigans in front of JJ's and all along the east side of Flatbush Parkside to Winthrop, plus evidence of serious drug trade on Parkside near Flatbush, and the corner of Clarkson/Flatbush has an ongoing war between rival crews, and having spoken with a woman who is super to a number of local buildings there's definitely some bud-nipping to do. All of this seems to be brewing in the southwestern portion of the 71st precinct, even as a brutal murder happened up on Sterling. Local crime reporter Nicole F. has set up a meeting with Deputy Inspector Lewis at a home. If you're concerned about these issues and perhaps have others to introduce, please come to this informal gathering at a private home on Tuesday night on Parkside near Bedford. Email me for the particulars. From Nicole:

The 71st Precinct is interested in working with the community regarding noise
and disorderly conduct outside of the bar on Flatbush, Rhythm Splash. The
precinct is also interested in hearing complaints regarding fights and
disorderly conduct on Fennimore Street. If you have other issues you'd like to
bring up to the police, this is a good time to have their ear.

Captain Lewis of the 71st is going to be meeting with residents regarding these
issues on Tuesday night February 12, at 8PM, at a home in PLG. - Nicole

Again, email me here to RSVP.


ElizabethC said...

Rumor in my neck of the woods concerning the drug trade on Parkside Ocean focuses on the "jewelry/video" store next to the McDonalds. It seems to do zero business and yet has a lock door on the back that wouldn't look out of place at a bank. Plus, they seem to discourage shoppers they don't know. Nothing definitive, but eyes have been on it for a while. I've often wondered how many video rentals and bead necklace sales have to take place to keep a store in business when the "business" discourages shoppers!

Anonymous said...

Yup, bullet hole is still in the sign above Rhythm Splash, and it must have gone a good ways up Flatbush before it landed. That place has been bad news since it was Lime. How hard can it be to open up a normal, welcoming, non-thuggy neighborhood bar at that spot? If it takes a 23-story luxury apartment tower going in right across the street, fine.

Sofia Bułgaria said...

Poprzedni wpis bardziej mi się podobał.

Bob Marvin said...

Hmmm; "Sofia Bulgaria's" comment is in POLISH, according to Google Translate--maybe because it's not written Cyrillic letters, as Bulgarian should be. Anyway, it translates as "Previous post more I loved it"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Q of L...What was going on near Play Kids tonight? Lots of Police and ambulances.