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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Trouble With Doubles

The Q thanks you all for your kind words in my defense after that last lazy post. Not necessary, mind you, but very warmly received. And now, back to the kind of hard-edged deeply-researched muckraking you've come to expect from the world's most local news source. Fox News may be "Fair and Balanced," but at the Q our motto is "Fairly Random."

From the "we got it pretty damn good" department:

Trinidad's favorite snack food, doubles are truly, truly one of the Q's favorite Flatbush secrets, and I say secrets only in the sense that Ausländers simply won't understand. Two taco-sized bara are your yellowy turmeric bread and the filling, channa, is all about the chickpeas, usually curried with some tamarind sauce as condiment. Other stuff gets thrown in their two, varying from place to place. It's a messy eat to be sure, but then so's a taco, and I ain't heard much complaining about them. Can't say I've ever made doubles myself, and why would I, when I can order world class doubles at De Hot Pot for a buck fifty (1127 Washington) or Bamboo Express (772 Flatbush) for a dollar? Try both spots and note the slight difference in the textures and spices.

And why not throw in some bake while you're at it? I know most folk order it with the saltfish, as in bake and saltfish, but our Congolese pal Simba hooked Little Miss Q on the bake by's like a perfect poori-esque doughnut, which is by the way the proper spelling of doughnut no matter what Dunkin' says.

But here's the real question, re: the Trouble with Doubles, and I'm looking for y'all to help me out. The double is usually listed as an appetizer, which make sense given all the wonderful other dishes sitting out there on the steam table. many to order? One is a tease; two seems nice; three maybe piggy? Four is really what I'm thinking when I'm hungry and staring at the chef.

Please, and let us know your other favorite "only here" dishes that hifalutin Ft. Greene only WISHES it could sink its fashionable teeth into.


Anonymous said...

Doubles are the ideal snack. Two is plenty, at 3PM. With peppers!

Wynajem oświetlenia Kielce said...

Nie mogę przestać o tym myśleć

Anonymous said...

Gloria's on Nostrand and Empire has doubles that will knock your socks off. Also, you can get 7(!) pouloris and tamarind sauce for a dollar. These are fried, round dough balls that are just slightly spiced/flavored. With the tamarind-its ridic.

Remonty Gdańsk said...

To jeden z lepszych blogów na blogspocie.

ariella Papa said...

Allan's quality bakery on Nostrand has the best bake. It is the perfect snack for children on the way to or fro the library on Maple. While you're there, you should also grab some red velvet cake. Yum!

Thanks Q, for keeping us informed about all neighborhood things culinary and otherwise.

ElizabethC said...

I have found two to be the perfect amount. I love Trinidad Ali's....I will have to try Glorias as well.

Anonymous said...

I just had three doubles for lunch, but am filling a bit too full, so I would go with two being the ideal amount for me. As far as doubles go on our side of Flatbush, De Hot Pot get's my $1.50/double. And much to the surprise of the older gentleman in front of me as I ordered, my kids also like doubles (hold the pepper), but then again they are used to the "island spices". I would love to know who everyone thinks has the best rice & peas in the neighborhood. Our family really likes Mango Seed, but you can't do the quick order and dash with them. Anyone? Anyone?