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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loews Kings Looking Killer

Even as I question the current biz plans for the gorgeous old Loews on Flatbush, I gotta admit how thrilled I am about the renovation. Recent pictures off of Untapped Cities show an almost "Close Encounters" scene of space age technology meeting early 20th Century Flatbushian chutzpah. I mean dig these pics:

The place is going to look effin' fantastic. I do hope the operators know what they're doing. This is definitely, in my book, Marty's greatest gift to the borough. His old boyhood neighborhood could certainly use a facelift or three, and this is a wonderful beginning.

So there! I'm bullish on the theater, and hold-and-watch on the for-profit commercial prospects of contracted management Ace Theatrical.

And while the Q may still be Gone Fishin', he's waiting on pins and needles for info about tonight's Meet the Candidates forum. I couldn't help but notice that the incumbent's schedule was kinda tight, having scheduled a Small Business forum that ran til 7. The "Meet the Candidates Forum" was set to start at 6:30. "I cannot do it alone," said the Councilman. "I need your help to schedule a very rare public forum designed to give you the impression I'm busy serving your needs just days before the primary during late August to ensure that as many entrepreneurs and business people are available as possible."

Just because I love it so much, once again I present you with a picture of Mathieu "They Added My Image To the American Flag" Eugene.


diak said...

So happy to hear of your change of heart! Or least your open mind.
The pictures of the renovation do look impressive. I believe the company responsible is Evergreene Architectural, a company that really seems to know what it's doing:
True craftsmanship.

On the other hand, our Councilman; even the Photoshopping is the work of a third-rate amateur...

Anonymous said...

The restoration project has been funded at taxpayer expense. The developer has assumed zero risk, thus, if the theater is a total failure, the failure won't impinge upon the developer.

But any lingering bills will get passed along to the hapless taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Since 2 million* of taxpayer dollars went to the newly refurbished playground on Winthrop street, I don't mind if big bucks get spent on this historic theatre. And I almost don't care what it will be used for, at least it wasn't torn down.

*Approx 8 times what it would cost in any other town in the US.

Jenny on Winthrop Street

Anonymous said...

I'm posting again because my comment wasn't posted and sorry, I think it's a good point to make. What's wrong with taxpayers creating hundreds of jobs as this project does? I'm happy for my taxes to go towards job creation, so speak for yourself.