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Monday, August 5, 2013

We Got Pictures To Prove It!

Thanks Rudy for the following to prove the last post was no August Fool's Day joke:

Buy American!!

didn't they get the memo about DR's new look?

And to prove that Parkside Ave is cookin' with gas, a new cell phone store next to Mickey D's!!!!

there's a story in the biz model of these stores I simply don't get. Anyone? The Wireless R Us on Flatbush near Woodruff I get. Constant charismatic chaos in there. But can the City really support these all?


RinaKleege said...

DR is going out of business, I hear, having been taken over by Walmart. Wonder if that applies to our Parkside DR?

Anonymous said...

Duane Reade was bought out by Walgreens, not Walmart. This happened more than a year ago. They aren't closing any of their locations, just changing a few tiny things (like the names on the little cards they want you to carry around on your key chain).

Anonymous said...

Not that it is all they do, but isn't a visit to the wireless store a necessary step in "recycling" a stolen cell phone? I may be the next sensation on NY1's The Call for this comment, but one can't go from snatch to cash all by oneself.