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Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeting Tomorrow With D.A. and Precinct at Tugboat

August is a tough month to convene folks, but this meeting is a good one if you're available. If you recall, the recent uptick in violence led some of us to meet with the D.A.'s office. One group of folks has already organized (after our meeting at 40 Clarkson Ave) and will meet a second time in September. All along I promised another group meeting "up north" following Dynishal Gross's lead. She organized a meeting at 40 LINCOLN a few months back, and she's asking folks from the community to come out and talk turkey. When?:

TOMORROW! Tuesday, August 20th
6 PM
Tugboat Tea Company, 546 Flatbush Ave. b/w Lincoln Rd. & Beekman Place

Community Meeting on Crime, Law Enforcement & Safety in Our Community
Come share your ideas and concerns with representatives of the 71st Precinct & the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office.
If it seems like a doubling of efforts, well, it kind of is, but in a good way. We all know that micronabes have their own ecosystems and needs. Dynishal has always had her finger on the pulse of Lincoln and the Prospect Park station, the way I try to keep tabs of Parkside Ave and my beloved but currently half-dead Q train. Please join Dynishal et al tomorrow night to discuss what YOU'RE seeing on a daily basis, and how you'd like to see it changed.

Go team Dynishal!

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