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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Phirst Photos of Phorum Phor Q Phaithphul!

Courtesy of Delson Enterprises:

Candidates from left: John Grant, Sylvia Kinard, Saundra Thomas. Looks like Lindiwe Kamau at the podium.

The incumbent arrives one hour late. Very, very busy time for the Council in late August. Much hard work to be done. No time for punctuality. Gratuitous meeting on Small Businesses scheduled at 5pm to provide cover for lack of accomplishments less than two weeks before primary election.

Thomas takes a solo after Kinard sings first verse of "That's What Friends Are For." Eugene works his million-dollar smile while Grant attempts to place whoopee cushion on Kinard's chair.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what was going down on Flatbush in PLG this evening? Tons of cops and both sides were tapped off. I was on a bus going through on my way to Parkside around 8.


Anonymous said...

Is there objectivity on your site about this City Council election?

It is clear that you do not endorse Dr Eugene, although the one sided rant does get tiring.

Saundra Thomas is not likely to win this election. Perhaps she will be our Council rep after M Eugene's final term?

Being a TV executive in a position with community outreach board seats assigned, sounds great. And perhaps it is.

Her problem is that FEW, IF ANY, of those boards are in this section of Brooklyn. They are not local-- to us.

All politics are local; especially City Council seats.

It is not easy to remove an incumbent, who is senior.

I'd have loved to read about issues, and perhaps the candidate(s) answers to the questions posed in your previous posts?

Also, her family photos appear on her/ Saundra Thomas' 2013 website. Her lovely wife, Susan, may be there somewhere; but her daughter is front and center.

Why is that?

In the future, please report, and be fair about it. Thank you.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

To Anon at 1:53. This is my blog. You are an anonymous commenter on my blog. This is not the NY Times, and your comment is not even owned by you, which you could have done by leaving your name.

If you want a different slant, start your own blog. ME is clearly the most incompetent and sneaky councilman currently serving. If by objectivity you mean I should pretend that ain't so, you are free to read his statements about himself on his website.

What's that? No information on his website?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:07 -- there was a shooting outside the barber shop on Flatbush/Midwood around 8 p.m. It doesn't sound like anyone has been arrested yet, and detectives are looking for further information. The victim is expected to survive.

Anonymous said...

there was a shooting outside the barber shop on Flatbush/Midwood... The victim is expected to survive.

Close shave?

Anonymous said...

It is a shame he did not die. Sad to hear he will be walking these streets again.