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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Squeaky Wheel Gets the Sign

DOT continues to blow me away. So responsive! Check out the new signs they're planning to put up for Lincoln/Flatbush/Washington:

Even I can read that one. Thanks to everyone who's kept up the pressure, especially Alex E. who's become an absolute guardian angel for that area.


Anonymous said...

While people are on it (Alex), how about a request to paint some lines on that short section of road on Lefferts between BP and the beer distributor (between Flatbush and Washington). The current lines are totally faded, and with the added traffic and congestion, it has become even more chaotic than before... and it was bad before too. It should be a cheap and easy fix for them. There's clearly enough room for one traffic lane right next to BP and heading east. And there can be two lanes in the middle dedicated for turning right/left onto Flatbush. That leaves room for parking right next to the beer distributor. Would definitely help bring some order there for drivers and pedestrians. OHHHH, and while they're at that, maybe they can do something to prevent people from penetrating the BP at eight differ orifices.

Sean said...

wouldn't a pair of do not enter / wrong way signs make more sense and be more recognizable?

babs said...

The problem was that people thought the Do Not Enter signs applied only to Lincoln Rd and continued to turn onto Washington Ave. I think the red arrows on the bottom sign make it very clear that that's also a no-no.

Alex said...

DOT told me that in addition to new signs, they are removing the DO NOT ENTER signs from the corners of Washington/Lincoln, which give the false impression that the one-way does not apply to the stretch of Lincoln between Washington and Flatbush - they plan to take those signs down today. They do need more DO NOT ENTER signs where Flatbush and Lincoln meet, though, and I don't know of any plans to add more.

DOT has further changes in mind to make the intersection safer and less chaotic, but I don't think they wish to share publicly at this time - what they're proposing seems very positive to me, though.

Alex said...

As for the gas station chaos (where I've almost been run over by drivers who feel entitled to drive on the sidewalk), I've tried for years to get DOT or someone to address the situation. Dr. Eugene's office managed to get DOT to have those rocks set up to prevent entry via sidewalk, but they were poorly placed and then were further moved out of the way. In the worst section - the corner of Washington and Lefferts - they put up a crappy, fence-like metal barrier that was promptly moved out of the way and ultimately completely disappeared. What they need are a few "Jersey barriers."

I have to admit that I ran out of steam on the issue and gave up.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Don't give up Alex. My name is mud over at ME's office. You got him to give you some help, maybe you can get some more? Adams made it clear this wasn't a big deal to him.

But now you have a friend at DOT! Maybe best to get the Community Board to sign off on a motion that something permanent be done. I'll work with you and the Fanning Brothers to make sure that happens. Write to Ed and see if he can put it on a Transportation Committee agenda.

Anonymous said...

They took down the two unnecessary "Do Not Enter" signs. Great. They only put up the one double arrow sign. Not so great. The trouble is that at night neither sign can be seen. I watched one car after another cross into oncoming traffic and make the illegal left turn. Alex, since you have someone's ear at DOT, something better has to be done before we have our first head on crash at that location.

Alex said...

Hi anon - trust me, I'm fully aware! Something people can do is post messages requesting enforcement from the 71st on the leffertswatch listserv. Vinnie Martinos, community affairs at the 71st, reads the messages, and it's actually a nice way to document a request.

Can I get an assist, people?

DOT has additional measures in store that I don't think I should disclose, but if they implement it will solve the problem 100%.

Anonymous said...

It won't stop the lawless drivers, sorry folks. They know they won't get ticketed so they'll make that turn anyway. I have seen it - what they're doing is pausing before turning left onto Flatbush and if they don't see a cop car they zoom ahead and turn left on Washington.