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Sunday, December 1, 2013

PS 770 - New American Academy Fundraiser

The New American Academy (Q write-up here) is a public school with quite a few twists, most notably a highly exciting emphasis on giving heavily vetted teachers the things they need to succeed...lower teacher to student ratios (15:1), less bureaucracy, higher salaries for master teachers, and plenty of team planning time. The school has become a favorite of local families, despite its location due east, past Utica near Lincoln Terrace Park. Word trickling out is that the school is "as advertised" and as with most young schools, could use lots of financial support. Below is a flyer for its Barnes & Noble Book Fair (the Q prefers two words) on Saturday (note: the B&N on Court Street, not 7th Ave).

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PTA of The New American Acdemy said...

We hope you can make it to our fundraiser Saturday! Can't make it to the in-store event? You can still support PS 770! From December 7th through the 12th, a percentage of online purchases will also directly benefit the school. Go to and enter Bookfair ID 11233210.

Thank you!