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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Piano Lessons & More @ New Space Garage284

Ah, Leslie Ward. Lovely human, super music teacher. And now she's opened her own storefront - Garage284 - that is warm, funky and fun. And functional. She teaches piano (and steel pans) out of the space, having built a successful business out of her home through the years. You can rent it for small functions too, and she's already hosted jam sessions and recitals. It has a great vibe. And the basement has been fitted for drum lessons (drum teacher to start soon). Is she good? Hell yeah. Ask anyone who's taken with her. She trained classically in the British tradition with enough Trinidadian (and New Wave) flair to ensure you get both the theory and the sass.

Super swell location is at 284 Clarkson just off Nostrand (you know, across from where the gigantic Hudson complex is going up fast and furious). Her rates are great, her outlook sunny, her design sense one-of-a-kind. Call Leslie at 917-697-6850 for lessons (or to see the space for a possible rental).

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