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Friday, April 8, 2016

Veg Out With the PLG CSA

Ideally, I suppose, we would all be growing our own produce to share with one another. I'll give you cucumbers to your kumquats. (Never written kumquat before. It's quite satisfying, actually.)  But you could also grab a coffee at ToTT and stumble over to the Maple Street School and grab a box of green goodies PLUS meats from Herondale and the comradery of your fellow Bernie Sanders supporters (I'm keeeeding, don't get so defensive! Good Lord so many liberals with bunched panties these days!)

SIGN UP now or forever hold your peas!
All shares will be delivered to Maple Street School at 21 Lincoln Road, right next to the Prospect Park stop on the Q train (map). Pickup is on Saturday morning, roughly from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
We offer:
Single and Double Vegetable Shares from the Farm at Millers CrossingSingle and Double Fruit Shares from Samascott OrchardsDozen and Half Dozen Egg Shares from McMurry Sunset Farms.
We also offer:
Herondale Farm Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken Sharescoffee. a la cart from Dean’s Beans


Anonymous said...

Has anyone done this before that would answer a couple questions? Their website doesn't have much more than bulk measurements and pricing.
How do they determine what shows up each week, is it just completely random?
Also, cooking 5 nights a week could a single person manage to eat a share (one vegetable, fruit, and meat)? I'm less worried about the meat because I can always freeze some extra, but fruit never stores well.

houseofcakes said...

The bulk measurements(?) not sure what you mean by that, but there are a couple of actual week's share lists for veggies on the site at

For example:
June 27: Single Share
1 head broccoli
1 bunch parsley
2 bunches spring onions
0.5 pound shell peas
1.5 pound zucchini
1 head lettuce
1 pound cucumbers

The share lists are based on what is in season THAT week, growing in the field in upstate New York. So, we don't get anything out of season or grown in tropical areas, etc. You can expect generally in early summer: greens/lettuces, peas, cucumbers, broccoli (things that can tolerate cooler weather). Mid-summer is tomato, zucchini season. Late summer/fall you'll see more squashes, potatoes, carrots, root veggies. We always get at least a head of lettuce and also greens (spinach, kale, or something like that) every week throughout the summer. That's the general list, but it is dependent on the weather. For example, if it's a cold Spring, then the tomatoes might come in later.

If you cook 5 nights a week at home, the single share will be plenty. For fruit, it depends on how much fruit you eat. The berries you'll eat immediately b/c they are awesome and ripe when picked. You'll get a LOT of apples, on average 4 pounds. You can freeze apples (I did that last year as we get a double share for 2.5 people so we had a TON of apples).

The meat share is a separate program. It is one time a month, the first Wednesday and pick up is at a different location. The meat is already flash frozen so you can store it as long as you need to.

Feel free to email me right at if you have more questions and check the website for more details.


James Parks said...

I enrolled earlier this week. I've always wanted to join a CSA. I May be interested in being a site coordinator too. Do you still need those?

Anonymous said...

My family just signed up. Really looking forward to this.