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Monday, April 11, 2016

Alicia Boyd Calls BP Eric Adams "The Biggest Uncle Tom In Brooklyn"

Whoa! Emboldened, the Q guesses, by her "show" at The Brooklyn Museum, Ms. Boyd has taken her insults to the big stage...the tiny anti-gentrification rally staged by the aptly named Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network, whose co-founder Imani Henry used clandestine means to grow his anti-Q efforts to scar yours truly as anti-black-and-brown. A bonafide racist, out to expel every black or brown person from Flatbush, so they say! Drat. they're on to me! The conversation stopper of calling a white guy racist is not
altogether different from calling a fellow POC an "Uncle Tom."

Beware, good people of Lefferts, black-brown-white or colorless Jew! You too could be labeled a racist if you dare question a) her efforts to shut-down meaningful dialogue about Planning or b) her efforts to prevent residential buildings in, quite literally, her own backyard or c) any efforts to downzone parts of the neighborhood to prevent the rampant random development that we're now seeing everywhere. She will lie, smear, sue, chastise, boo, and otherwise drag you through the mud if you so much as question her tactics or views. And now, in a stunning display of topsy-turvy, she wants CB's to have MORE power, even enough to veto City policies. This would mean, of course, an entire rewriting of the City's Charter, its Constitution. No small feat. Giving CB's real power would spell a disaster for the sorts of City-wide initiatives that lead to real and meaningful progress. Imagine each CB, its own little fiefdom, some "dry" and some "wet," some open to immigrants and some not, some business friendly some not, some white-friendly some black-friendly, some accepting safety improvements, some not. You'd have your Alabama's and your California's, right here in NYC!

If you are black, the term "Uncle Tom" is right up there with calling white's "racist," in the sense that it's like firing a stun-gun, a Taser if you will. How do you respond effectively? Most would say...don't. That's been Adams' response, and of course, I would be well-advised to do the same. And while I don't always agree with Adams, I do often enough, and know his policies well enough, to know that he is an engaged and ardent supporter of all people of Brooklyn, but never without consideration of the needs of the black community. For someone who wants desperately to lead a movement, Boyd callously disregards the possibility of ever working with anyone with any credibility or power.

This is not an unusual tactic for someone on the fringes, fighting for their vision of justice. But folks, she is not at all on the fringes - she's basically running the show around here, while we sit back (apparently) helplessly. Your CB9 has caved to her demands again and again, and as she's gained power she only reaches for more. She got a CB9 chair canned, and drove away other strong members. She canned a progressive Transportation Chair, she got CB9 to rescind its own Planning initiatives, she shut down a second attempt at Planning by constant attacks on the Board. She got the District Manager Pearl Miles fired, leaving a gaping hole and leading to yet another power struggle. She's working hard to get a sensible re-design of Empire Blvd shut down, and given her track record, she might well succeed.

Hilarious bit: the way Boyd constantly calls people out for their behavior at CB9. If you've been to as many meetings as I have, that have been shut down by her outrageous attacks and childish stomping about, that's rich. Rich indeed, though perhaps not quite as rich as the people she says will be moving to our neighborhood in droves if we don't "Keep Empire Shitty" thereby screwing your neighbors and kowtowing to the neighborhood bully.

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Alex said...

Not sure why the board chair can't commit to having Boyd removed when she disrupts meetings, allowed the board to go about its business productively. Seems like a pretty simple solution if you ask me.