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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Is a Time For Stuff. Lotsa Stuff.

Do you like going to meetings? No? What about meetings where you are stung by a thousand bees, like this?

Oh shush, I'm just joshing. CB9 ULURP meetings are informative and powerfully invigorating. And there's one tomorrow night! Besides the usual updates, knick-knacks and paddy whacks, there will be some very titilating presentations by two local block associations in Lefferts who are the first off the blocks to submit applications to protect their blocks from unwanted development. The south side of Fenimore is applying to downzone, and Parkside Ave (Flat-Bed) is looking to Landmark. Will the City take up their causes? Stay close to your landline to find out! Ultimately, if they succeed, there's no reason to suspect a dozen more wouldn't follow. But is City Planning to work on these issues piecemeal? My spies say no, but maybe with the right finesse and backhand...

Now don't tell me you haven't seen the scaffolding for the facade change at the Duane Reade at Flatbush and Parkside. That's all it is, according to sources who name sources named Seth Kaplan, he of the neighborhood Facebook page. According to the many well-wishers and congratulators, his letter to Walgreens headquarters (they own DR now) was received favorably and it apparently played no small role in the middle managers' decision to give our very own "deLish" and "Nice!" headquarters a makeover. (remember their mysterious "Apt 5" brand that crept on and off the scene awhile back?) The Q tries hard not to shop the DR - most things he and his family need are available at Ma & Pa's, but sometimes the bright fluorescents and reliable air conditioning just suck you in off the street. Every once or twice a week, one just has to bite the bullet, and then leave the DR with a sense that one's helped America feed its corporate coffers. And all is right in the world.

Ooooh. And also tomorrow night, don't miss the big community meeting about the Parks Without Borders project, which will inevitably intersect our quality of life in important ways. 6 pm at the Lakeside Center.

Lastly word is in that our McDonalds landlord has chosen to subdivide his plot. With a new building coming? Stay right near that landline, folks. No bathroom breaks.


Bob Marvin said...

"The south side of Fenimore is applying to downzone, and Parkside Ave (Flat-Bed) is looking to Landmark...if they succeed, there's no reason to suspect a dozen more wouldn't follow".

I hope they succeed I don't think there are anything like a dozen blocks that meet the special conditions of these two. Residents of Fenimore II discovered documentation showing that the south side of their block has single family deed covenants, similar to the Lefferts Manor Covenant that covers the north side. Parkside I has some of the most outstanding architecture to be found anywhere in the City. Still, there are a few more blocks that were in the original PLG proposed Historic District that were inexplicably left out and . IMO, should be landmarked; not a huge number–no sane preservationist thinks you can, or should, landmark EVERYTHING (or at least realizes that it wouldn't be politick to attempt to do so).

Alex said...

Whaddayah know... I thought Associated would be first in line to sell so that The Parkline could get a sister.

Jacob said...

So..if Fenimore II enforces the single family deed covenant does that mean they would kick out everybody living in a multifamily house? Isn't there a church on that block too?
For all of the beauty of Lefferts Manor, I am not too keen on expanding the single family covenant. What do people do with those 4000 sq ft 6 bedroom triple parlor single family houses anyway? Even in Park Slope every self respecting rich person with a brownstone has a garden level apartment that the au pair can live in.
BTW I thought it was the McDonalds that was dividing their lot, no?

Bob Marvin said...


I think the point that Fenimore II residents are making is that the single family deed restrictions already exist. I'm not a lawyer, but I THINK that if the zoning is changed (as it was was Lefferts Manor c. 1961) any other use already in place would be grandfathered in.

Jacob said...

I would vote yes for landmarking Parkside I but no to single family-ing Fenimore II southside. Downzone it if you want, or even landmark, but don't single family. That discriminates against middle-income homeowners who need a 2nd or 3rd unit to help with the mortgage. Or aging homeowners who want to downsize but stay in place and convert part of the house to a 2nd unit. That should happen more in NYC but various regulations make it difficult.

Jacob said...

Application for dividing the lot on the south side of Parkside and Ocean (McDonalds, Nail Salon, etc.)
178 Parkside

"Occupancy Classification: Existing: F-3 - ASSEMBLY (MUSEUMS)

Not savvy enough to know exactly what this means. Anybody know?