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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another Four Years Of Mediocrity

Retch-worthy quotes from this KCP article, which just goes to show how low folks will go to curry favor with various parts of the electorate. From some Sheepshead Douche named Deutsch comes this:

Fellow City Council Member Chaim Deutsch (D-Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach) lauded Eugene for his work with young people in the city, and said that he was “proud to spend each and every day in City Hall with people like Dr. Eugene.”
“When you look around at the things that happen in the city, when you look at the issues, the things that matter to us most, it’s our young adults. And I could not stress more that in the last four years, our young adults had more services and more jobs than ever before,” said Deutsch. “Anywhere you look, anywhere you turn, any community you fight for, Dr. Mathieu Eugene is there on the forefront.”
Oy. And then this disappointing line from the soon-running-for-mayor Tish James, which seems to suggest that the mere fact of Eugene's Haitian background is cause for celebration, rather than any real achievements as legislator and leader. I mean, the first time he was elected in a special election to replace Yvette Clarke, sure, there was reason to celebrate the rise of a Haitian leader. But after a decade and change of nothing, it's a reason for disgrace.
“This is a testament to the strength and tenacity of the Haitian people, who have been through a lot worse. And so we come here to celebrate this “Haitian sensation” Mathieu Eugene, but more importantly to celebrate the diversity of the 40th Council District,” said Public Advocate Leticia James. “Where Council Member Mathieu Eugene not only serves the Haitian community, but he serves the Jewish community Muslim community, the white community, the African-American community, he celebrates all of us, because this is the strength of America: diversity.”
If you're new to the neighborhood, a piece of advice: despite what it may say on his council nameplate, you have no elected representative at the City level. You're going it alone. Make allies elsewhere. This guy is a fraud, a buffoon, a charlatan and a joke. Yet the joke's on us - we voted him in a FOURTH and final time. Sigh.

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