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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Then There's This White Guy

The male Homo Sapiens is an odd bird (or, mammal). Over the millenia he has developed many useful traits that have made him the Lord of his destiny. Among them, his fierce tribalism and loyalty (to tribe, not women mind you - his seed must be sown! Or at least shown, right Mr. C.K.?) have allowed him to go into battle for the dumbest of reasons. But each war, however small, has heightened his ability to conquer. In the 20th Century alone he went from single shooting shotguns to nuclear bombs. His intelligence (in certain situations) is clearly superb, though common sense is not his forte.

This fierce tribalism has led him down many ugly paths. Slavery, through the millennia, seems to have been his preferred choice of labor. Female domination and sexual predation has been a near-constant. Subjugation of peoples and whole nations has led him on an inexorable path to destruction, fueled by an insatiable appetite for more, bigger and better. Love continues to hold a premium to this beast, and yet even love takes a back seat to power, greed and good old fashioned fun. And beer.

There are few better examples of this creature's true genetic tendencies than his love of American football. All of the above qualities seem to mingle in the mind of this adult adolescent. And sometimes, as in mob mentality and state brutality, this rushing of hormones mixed with his dominant status provokes outlandish displays of...of...well, we'll let this Minnesota Viking fan tell the story in his own voice. And the fact that the team is called "the Vikings" is an irony not lost on the Q, a longtime fan of the team himself, why, he'll never fully understand. Note: this video is not for the faint of heart, or a New Orleans Saints fan:

For more terrific analysis, here's reader Josh's suggestion (great stuff):


Josh said...

An interesting article about the now seemingly extinguished anthem protest. I had the same feeling when I saw Jerry Jones kneel with his players halfway through the season. I was honestly surprised that it had made it that far as I assumed the owners would have nipped it in the bud by drawing straws in the offseason as to who would sign kapernak and then everyone chip in for his salary under the table. It gained strength more because it started being about denying a capable man an opportunity to work.

Been a long time since I was passionate about sports. I think of the gangster in A Bronx Tale telling the kid that Mickey Mantel doesn't care about him and ain't gonna pay his rent nor put food on his table. Here's the link I mentioned above.


Jeff said...

It's not called "American" football. It's just football. Go Eagles!

Bob Marvin said...

True enough in this country Jeff, but for most of the world "just football" is a different game.

Jeff said...

OK, Bob, but "puerta" means door in lots of places in the world, but not here and we're here so I'll continue to call it football.

Josh said...

Do we live in New York City? Do we live in the one city where for the most part we all except one another because we’re all in this one big wonderful shitbox together? If you ride the subway everyday you know what I mean. If you moved here and your transport is uber…well that says it all. You ride the subway and you’re bitter like many of us because it sucks bad…real bad, but then you make eye contact with a fellow New Yorker and commiserate (you know, the one who’s not looking down at their phone.) and it makes the commute just a little bit more bearable.

I just don’t understand the insistence on separation and why someone would care so much about it. The entire world is crazy about “NON” American football. “Football” in the USA is a huge thing for people in the US. My own father, when World Cup comes around, feels the need to point out everything wrong with soccer and I don’t understand why.

In Paul Beatty’s novel Slumberland there is a passage about Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass where he is equating falling in love to the feeling one has when reading The Leaves off Grass or that is what the protagonist at the time of reading felt one should feel like when falling in love. Read the whole book, its good. Or just google the clip. Point is, why do people get so worked up about small things. If you’re under the covers with your mate whispering the good stuff and walking in the park on your days off smelling the honeysuckle growing along the fence…thats the poetry of life.