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Monday, January 29, 2018

New Supermarket On Its Way

 Fresh, Organic, Pricey and Delicious Dry Wall 'n' Flourescents
New apartment complex 33 Lincoln Road and its soon-to-be grocery is finally taking shape and renters after years and years and...really, it's been quite the slog from the day Tom Anderson & folks started digging til now. As a matter of fact, the Q has become his own best memory recollecter, as I can quickly find the day Tom first told us about the big picture plans more than five years ago., and that a couple years after the old building came down. That's right. Five years and change. And in between we saw 626 Flatbush rise and fill. Shows how different projects can go.

All around the neighborhood new buildings have finished or are coming on line. Time for another bike and shoot around the neighborhood (with photos! bike and shoot with PHOTOS, folks!!)

showing its best face, not as bad as some would claim


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Alex said...

Painfully ugly.

SB said...

Hideous. Did an architect actually design this?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I designed it in Minecraft. But it was my first one! I've gotten better since. Wait til you see my latest, going up right on my block!!!

diak said...

I probably don't hate this building as much... to me, it's just "meh." I loathe the "box of bricks" style more.
But I'll never understand those small horizontal windows—it just screams "house of detention."
And strangely, the building's website lists "large windows" as an amenity. Even the vertical windows aren't all that big.
(And since when are windows an amenity?)

diak said...

Oops... I got it wrong. The 33 Lincoln website doesn't tout "large windows" as an amenity. Just a feature under "interior finishes."
Sorry, I snarked too soon.

patty1h said...

A little off-topic...

I was amazed to see a shiny metal newsstand has been erected on the corner of Flatbush Ave & Albemarle Road. It is on the corner where the eyeglass store is, right where the chicken and rice truck usually sits (the truck is still there too, for now). How does that work? Does the city erect those and then is there a lottery for who gets to run them? I thought that the printed page was a dying medium? Who makes money selling papers anymore?

Alex said...

A box of bricks would at least look normal. This thing is an ugly anonmyly. I wish more developers could think like those who built on the old Caledonian site. While not forward thinking, both buildings succeed in blending in with older structures and don’t look cheap. Anderson’s is gross.