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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Come See How the Other 6% Live! Next Weekend.

dear LMA, you know the Q joshes. You've got the most beautiful blocks in the neighborhood. Your Historic District can't be sullied by rampant development. Sure you have to replace your windows in a period-appropriate style and not paint your brownstone pink. But we love you. Many of my good friends are Manor-dwellers and I would ne'er display jealousy when I myself am lucky enough to own an abode. And yet...tis fun to poke ye now and again.

Each year for decades you've invited rich and middle-class alike to stroll into your homes to gawk or snicker. It's called the PLG House Tour, and since it's been around about as long as the PLG (-Prospect-Lefferts-Gardens-) moniker, the two are somewhat intertwined in the public imagination. And so here we are, another first weekend in June, another chance to envy, mock and share war stories of wrought iron, original crown molding and FIOS.

And in all seriousness, it's a lot of fun so come on out. The game is afoot!


Unknown said...

Hey there! Thanks for the promo! We (the house tour committee) had emailed you a few times about participating. Do you have a new email address?

babs said...

So good to see you yesterday evening at the house party for Adem, but you slipped out before I got to share with you my response to this post, which has been percolating in my brain since I heard about it. But I had no time to write it. Why not? Because I was preparing for the house tour! That's right, my rent-stabilized pre-war apartment was on the tour. In fact, the organizers of the tour have always tried to include as many types of living spaces as possible, in order to show the true breadth of the neighborhood (although it is organized to benefit the LMA, the stops on the tour are not exclusively in the Manor, but all over the entire neighborhood, which as we all know (except for some unscrupulous real estate types) starts at Empire Blvd. and ends after Clarkson Ave)).

Inveterate hoarder that I am, I actually have about six years' worth of house tour booklets saved up. During those years, there have been two apartments in Patio Gardens, one at 99 Ocean, another one (not mine) at 130 Fenimore, and, last year, Stacey's apartment on Hawthorne St., not to mention various co-op apartments. And this year also featured an apartment (and the roof deck) at 626 Flatbush.

Why not more non-Manor properties, you may ask. Because it is DARN HARD to get people to agree to admit hundreds of friends and strangers into their homes! It would be great, for example, to feature a home on your block - maybe next year? Begging starts in January, so expect to get hit up!

And thanks so much to everyone on the House Tour Committee for your amazing work and to the seven wonderful neighbor volunteers who helped out at my place!