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Monday, May 7, 2018

The Parkside Plaza Anniversary - May 19

Few things provide the Q with more local civic pride than seeing people lounging on the Plaza de Parkside. Friends, a brave few of your neighbors made this happen. They saw an opportunity to beautify a neglected open space, and they've  continued to nurture it for all. You may think it was the City's doing - nope. This was a grassroots effort at its best. Like the lovely tree guards and flower beds all up Ocean Ave from Parkside to Lincoln. Or the better (though not perfect) traffic signals at the Parkside/Ocean entrance to the Park (it truly was a deathtrap). Or the left turn bays along Flatbush Avenue. Or the fixed-up train stations (I know it's hard to believe - they really were much much worse). Or the Flowers on the old dilapidated Flatbush Trees. Or the jungle mural at the Prospect Park Subway Sta...oops, that got painted over. Or the murals on metal gates or sides of buildings.

I'm leading to something here, and you'll hear more about it soon (Cheryl and Brenda let's get moving!) There have been a number of attempts at serious civic engagement in this neighborhood, but few have stuck. Let's come out and celebrate one of the truly lovely achievements that stand as testament to the power of the people - the Parkside Plaza. See you there.

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