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Monday, May 21, 2018

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Well now. Participatory Budgeting at the State Level. A million Samolians.  Nothing to sneeze at.

Think for a moment about what a million bucks could do, or some portion thereof, to build or buy something that costs more than $35K to qualify. Many Councilpeople have been doing this at the City level, but this is a new kettle of clams.

And of course it's also, cynically speaking, an good way to keep your primary challenger at bay. Touché Mr. Hamilton. Touché indeed.


Anonymous said...

This feels like the sleezy auto insurance company move. When you call them to close an account and move to a different company and they come up with some special offer they've had for years but never offered you. The timing is just so bad.

Alex said...

I'm more struck by the volume of mailings coming out of Hamilton's office. Some speculate that IDC members were given extra funding for postage as a perk of joining the team. The senate has so far refused to respond to FOIA requests on the matter.

Janet P said...

As I understand it, State Senators don't have this kind of discretionary funding, but Sen. Hamilton is working with the borough president's office in this initiative. So that's another piece.