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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Am Peace

I'm usually outa town in August, but that doesn't mean the Q doesn't totally dig what these kids and organizers have been up to over at the playground by Jackie Robinson, near what will soon be a complex of "luxury" apartments at the old Spice Factory complex. That project, and the super tall project to the north of it, are still very much alive. The Cornell Realty project is back on the ULURP calendar - they want to upzone to 30 stories in exchange for the creation of a bunch of below-market permanently stabilized housing. CB9 is still adamantly opposed, but we'll see what difference that makes. Between the projects, that's hundreds of "affordable" units.

Anyhoo. In the spirit of positivity and community, the I Am Peace Foundation could use your support for its fifth annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament. If you've been saying you'd like to do something for the neighborhood's youth but haven't the time, consider a gift to this group and come out and watch them play?

PLEASE GIVE, EVEN A LITTLE BIT. You'll feel really good about yourself. The effect is instantaneous!

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