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Friday, September 21, 2018

The Q In the Crosshairs

I guess some folks haven't heard of the 1st Amendment. The one that allows criticism of public figures - particularly those using non-profit donations to electioneer and smear political opponents. She's sending all manner of emails to her minions and having her lawyer send me threatening letters. Why? Because I criticize her tactics, which of late have become more and more shrill and destructive to political discourse. But I need to be clear, to myself, and to her and her lawyer who clearly read the blog:

I don't for a minute dispute that Ms. Boyd has a right to express herself, no matter how loud, obnoxious, mean-spirited or nasty. In many ways, I've hoped to shed light on a strange corner of the NYC Universe, where one single-minded individual with chutzpah and anger can make a HUGE difference on the course of a neighborhood's liveability. There are still people willing to put themselves on the Community Board in good faith - they too will likely become disheartened that it has become nearly impossible to share opposing views with civility. As a result, City Officials are loathe to deal with us. In one case, staffers at an agency actually picked straws to determine who would HAVE to show up at our door.

How does this play out in the day-to-day quality of life here? Just look around. Public spaces are being neglected. Trash collection is haphazard. Relations with police become fractured. Transportation issues like speeding cars and bike lanes are ignored, not to mention traffic problems and intersection safety. Schools? Public Trans? It used to be you could pick up a phone and a problem would be addressed, if not immediately by Boyd's first victim District Manager Pearl Miles, but at least the message would get to the agency for which it's intended.

Take the lakes that form at intersections after rains. DEP is in charge, but what neighborhoods get the first attention? Not ours, and not because the district is largely black - it's because no one is advocating on our behalf. The committee chairs have been in constant flux - how could they not be with 5 Board chairs and 3 DMs in 5 years? If CB9 were its own City, we'd be bankrupt and run by the State by now.

So now Boyd's on the warpath again, with the Q as her primary target. Personally I don't give a shit - I can take it. But lately she's started demanding that her minions email my colleagues AT WORK to tell them what an ANTI-WOMAN RACIST I am. As a civil-rights loving feminist, these are hard words to hear. But they're protected by the Constitution, and there it is.

The fact is I don't hate blacks and women. I strongly dislike ONE black woman. But I also strongly dislike one white man, and he happens to be my President. So Boyd, Trump. Trump, Boyd. You get the idea..

Friends, don't fall for and of it. She and other vicious community activists (Imani of E4F I'm looking at you) want you to question your right to be here, to be involved in the neighborhood and to express your opinion, no matter how progressive or forward-thinking or (god forbid) yuppie it may be. It is racist to want blacks to suffer, to languish, to not have access to the same opportunities as whites. But it is NOT racist to want your neighborhood to be better, as long as you're not actively thwarting the needs of others. We get better when we debate ideas on their merits, and listen to all voices. We improve our communities when we decide TOGETHER and with as much input as possible. Then we use whatever political capital we can muster to express those needs to elected officials, and the media if necessary. A well-run Community Board can help that process - Boyd wants to shut it down and remove all members who run afoul of her personal vision, which is very much NIMBY, about as NIMBY as you can get in fact. (She loves to tell folks how I coined the phrase Not In My Black Yard as a post title to describe how she wants to dictate zoning based on her belief that black folks don't want it. Of course, she takes it out of context, and robs it of the crass wit. Oh well.

The question the Q must answer is...validate her nonsense by addressing it publicly? I won't deny that it's a bummer to get called an anti-woman racist. Those are kinda the worst things you can call a white dude these days, so I know why she's doing it. She knows I've seen through her shit, and now wants to inflict maximum damage. The personal bait I won't take; I know what's in my heart. My Struggle, indeed!

But today she sent out an email asking her followers to email MY COWORKERS demanding that I be held accountable. job? What the hell does that have to do with my personal political life? Next to nothing, I'd say. Ah yes. She's looking to inflict more damage! Maybe get me fired? Now THAT would be grounds for a lawsuit! Monetary damages...maybe retirement isn't as far off as I thought!

I mean look at this shit below - k-r-a-z-y k-a-t. In the actual email she rips off work logos, prints emails of coworkers and practically begs them to reprimand me. As if they're my parents, and I deserve a spanking. It would be pathetic, if it weren't so damn...dare I say, cruel? Truly if anyone deserved a countersuit, this would be the lady. And so...I'm retaining counsel. But I'm never going to take back musings in the past that are clearly my opinions only - taken out of context her to paint a picture of a monster. Because that's the heart of the 1st Amendment, and while the President thinks otherwise, I have a tremendous appreciation for what it's done for the Republic generally.

Now I ask you...would YOU put up with something like the below sent to hundreds of your neighbors? I'll tell you something that might surprise you. I'm fine with it all - she can say whatever she wants - but I'm not fine when she draws in perfectly unsuspecting and uninvolved people from outside the neighborhood with whom I work every day. This is harassment - they don't deserve it.

So Boyd, if you're reading - attack me as you will, but leave my work friends and colleagues alone. It's one step over a line you really shouldn't cross. And if you hadn't noticed, there is one person to whom all of your statements purporting anti-woman racism reflect - you. My feelings aren't general at all. I simply don't like you, your organization, or your litigious ways. Any other reading of my blog is FALSE, and therefore qualifies as exactly the sort of defamation you accuse me of.

And check it out! She's STILL using her non-profit to raise money for MTOPP. Like I said, chutzpah.

Stop Racist and Anti-woman Actions!

The Development Director, Tim Thomas, of XXX, a non-profit cultural Arts organization in Brooklyn has for the last four years spread hate and racism on his blog to support major real estate development in our community.  Now he is focusing his hate and slanderous lies to dwarf our efforts at protecting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
For the past four years Tim Thomas, who is the primary fundraiser for XXXXX, has a blog called the Q @Parkside.  He is a former Community Board 9 member who was removed off of his committee and eventually off the board because of his hateful, divisive, anti-women and anti-black sentiments that he has widely and gladly displayed.

His main bone of contention has been the fact that the community residents, who are predominately Black have been able to stop a massive rezoning and who are now attempting to stop a rezonng that will have detrimental effects upon the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Community.

He has come out publically, both at the hearings and on his blog for the support of the 17.5 - 22 story buildings that are being planned in the 6/7 height limited zone along the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Tim Thomas' Actions

1. Coin the Phrase “Not In My Black Yard, when Black residents were fighting against a massive rezoning on the scale as Inwood, East New York, Bushwich, East Harlem, Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn etc: Q-note: THIS REFERS TO MTOPP

2. Described Black Residents:
Powerlessfearful, marginalized, angry, rebels without a cause, looking for somewhere to place their anger, nutjobs (Blog posts 8/30/14, 9/27/14) Q-note: THIS REFERS TO MTOPP AND BOYD

3. Called Black Activists Leaders: 
Assholics, who will die frighten and alone, frauds, fear soaked hate, border line personality, raving lunatic, (Blog posts 9/23/14, 2/5/15). Q-note: THIS REFERS TO MTOPP AND BOYD

4. Wished harm onto a Black woman leader
“Maybe we will get lucky and [she} will break her jaw while gardening at her townhouse” (Blog post 3/20/15) Q-note: THIS REFERS TO BOYD, and is in poor taste

5. Called women members of his committee on Community Board 9 in public 
Fucking Clowns”. (Stated at public meeting).Q-note: THIS REFERS TO MTOPP AND BOYD

6. Described Black Community Board 9 Board Members
Gutless, lunatics, fools, embarrassments, crazy (Blog post 9/23/14, 11/5/14, 1/1/15, 2/4/15) Q-note: THIS REFERS TO MTOPP AND BOYD

7. Described God as the “Big Ugly Guy” (Blog post 1/27/15) HUH? COME AGAIN?


Descriptions of Tim Thomas' Behavior

The Black former Community Board 9 chairman Demetrius Lawrencedescribed Tim Thomas’s behavior before he removed him as the Chairman of the Transportation Committee;  “combative, rude, inappropriate language, lack of decorum, lack of proper behavioral boundaries and [he] behaved totally irrational”.

Members of his committee stated "He's rude and disrespectful."
Community Activists; "He stood up time and time again yelling at the public, making personal attacks against members of the community."

Online Petition and Paper Petition Against Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas anti-woman and racist attacks were so offensive to residents that a group of white people in the community created an online petition demanding that he be removed off the Community Board.Q-note: THIS REFERS TO AN EFFORT BY MTOPP AND BOYD, PLUS A DISINGENUOUS PETITION EFFORT W/ PAL IMANI HENRY
How You Can Help?
Please copy and paste and email the the below letter addressed to XXXX as a concerned resident.


I am appalled at the conduct of your Development Director, Tim Thomas, especially in light of the hate filled anti-woman and anti-Black sentiments that are now on the National scene. To have such a prominent person in your non-profit organization using his blog to divide a community and to support the destruction of our green spaces is a concern for me.

I am aware that freedom of speech is a protected first amendment right and I am in no way want to stop anyone from exercising that right, but it is clear that Tim Thomas’ behavior is divisive, racist and anti-woman which is something that the public should not have to tolerate from an organization that is suppose to be supporting the arts from an integrative cultural and ethnic perspective.

I am also aware that you may not know of his behavior but now that you do, I hope you will address the concerns of the community activists who are fighting to protect our community and our public green spaces.


Please send the email to 
Executive Director - XXX
Program Manager - XXX XXX
Press Contact - XXX

Please cc us at -
Make a Donation
Please consider making a tax deductible a donation to our cause, as we continue to fight for the protection of our community and its green spaces! 


diak said...

Wow, that is one sick enemy you've made yourself.
Well, like they say, no good blog goes unpunished...

Wise move to get yourself a lawyer. Maybe a defense fund is in order? I'd chip in.

Anonymous said...

I would too. Total nutjob. Any judge that sees how she acts that the Community Board meetings would quickly rule against her.

Bob Marvin said...

Do Boyd’s actions, to which you refer amount to aggravated harassment and, if so, might this now be a police matter?

Say Wha? said...

Tim, I wanted to support you on this. But "not in my black yard"? What the fuck is wrong with you? To hell with you and Alicia both.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Say What? Let me ask you something. Did you read the Post, or are you refusing to read it because I use the word black? MTOPP makes all neighborhood issues that affect her about race. I'm not saying that's wrong. That's simply her position.

Anonymous said...

Alicia works out at our local big box gym on Flatbush. The last time I saw her there she was talking loudly about what a huge inconvenience development on Empire would be FOR HER. I tried to ignore her but she was so loud and adamant with the "Me,me,me, my my, my" shit that it was so hard to tune out. While the folks at Ebbetts struggle to keep their buildings in liveable shape and I watch old ladies evicted from my block, it's Alicia who's really suffering here. Good God.

In fairness, I gotta say she's not totally wrong in her grumbling about how developers suck. The problem is that as a narcissistic capitalist egomaniac who doesn't know the meaning of solidarity or have any respect for longtime community organizers she is absolutely the wrong messenger.

Good luck in court!!The neighborhood has your back.

Anonymous said...

Wowza. Truly hilarious developments. Regarding the obvious, yeah Alicia Boyd has stormed into the realm of libel, slander and harassment. Shouldn't be too tough for a judge to issue a restraining order against the deranged Boyd. Meanwhile, it shouldn't be too tough to encourage the IRS to look at books of her "non-profit." Tips from aggrieved members of the public who feel some chiseler's behavior should no longer be ignored can get the ball rolling.

On another note, it seems Old Flatbed is the new combo character who unifies Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork. Then there is his inherent Trumpiness -- blogging, not tweeting. Direct, edgy and relatively unfiltered. And, mirabile dictu, Clarkson appears to have seen the light on real estate development. Maybe he walked down Flatbush near BAM and experienced an epiphany? Maybe it was that moment of clarity when he realized much of the new is a lot better than much of the old.

Anyway, no amount of shrieking from that virago Boyd will stop the development freight train. She ain't no Jane Jacobs, PLG isn't Greenwich Village and her adversary isn't Robert Moses. Hence she loses. Maybe, in her mad quest she'll become the new Rachel Corrie?

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be too hard to take her to court. Your neighbors have your back. She's a lunatic.I've had countless encounters with her in the street, and she's deranged; or acts that like it to get her way. She no longer makes sense. She's lost her noodles.

Initially, I really thought she was about neighbors and long time residents like my elderly aunt who was being harassed, but come to find out, she's all about herself. She's full of SHIT!

Deez Nutz said...

MTOPP is not my organization of choice, but Tim Thomas is a major shill for developers. Note the comment above applauding developers and gloating over the murder of Rachel Corrie. That about sums up this blog and its readership.

Tim, do you get paid for your PR work, or do you do it for the sense of approval?

Anonymous said...

Tim, Why'd you edit out that comment unflatteringly relating Alicia Boyd to Rachel Corrie? Show some backbone! If that's how you feel then keep it and defend it's use with something like the "out of context" and "crass wit" lines you used for "Not in my black yard." Some people just don't have the intelligence for your caustic humor.

The Q said...

Rachel Corrie...that's a name I haven't heard in awhile.

I wonder if anyone actually knows what a blog is. It's a journal. You don't have to read it, and you can start your own. I write about Alicia to tell you, dear reader, and my other neighbors, part of the story of how politics in Brooklyn works. I welcome the comments disagreeing with my assessment, and I've never edited anything but truly vile racist or violent comments, and this being my blog, I make the call.

The figures that I have profiled have held the neighborhood back, in ways big and small. Despite what you might think, these "leaders" are not venerated by the black community - only a small part of it, the small part that often makes the most noise. This does not make me a racist. It is possible to criticize a corrupt, uncaring or cruel person of color, and if it isn't then I don't live in a country where discourse is encouraged.

People are afraid to criticize Mathieu Eugene, or Alicia Boyd, because they think they'll be viewed as a traitor (if they're black) or racist (if they're white). This is absurd. WE gave them the power, and we can take it back. But I would remind readers that I was the only person saying that this is not a neighborhood that should elect a white candidate, and I came out against the white in the council election for that reason. I love Diana Richardson, I like Laurie Cumbo and Kevin Parker, I think Jumaane is a hero and Tish is right for AG. I think Eric Adams has his moments. Are these the positions of a racist? Hell I don't really trust or like white people that much. I'm wary of them and usually take my time before letting them into my life and trusting them. There it is, for what it's worth.

I honestly don't care what anyone thinks about me or my ideas. But harassing me at my workplace is way over the line, and that's why I'm planning to countersue.



Alex said...

Tim, I’m horrified to hear this news about AB’s attempts to harass you. To some of the commenters above, Tim has made it very clear that he favors a balanced approach to development because construction is an unstoppable force. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have zoning in place that limits height throughout the neighborhood instead of just prohibiting construction on Empire? That’s what Tim has advocated for whereas AB has fought against it because her house abuts Empire. If anything, developers favor the Wild Wild West zoning that we have in place now, and I think it’s possible that MTOPP receives financial support from developers.

Bob Marvin said...

I agree with Alex. Remember that A.B. first came to prominence with her disruption of efforts to curtail the height of 626 Flatbush.

I'm with him said...

The far left nutjobs will stop at nothing to smear decent Americans. First the race hustlers targeted Tim and now they are trying to take down Justice Kavanaugh. They hate hardworking and successful people. It's time for the Silent Majority to Make PLG Great Again.

Anonymous said...

From Aug 29 post: "We also know she illegally uses her non-profit to raise money for these political shenanigans, even sometimes colluding with Hamilton." What I don't understand is why would one use their lawyer over alleged defamation when they supposedly have proof of something much more damaging? I'd personally be more proactive over illegal campaign dealings then getting my ego hurt. Seems like the allegation of finance collusion has no merit, no proof, and is the real defamation. Shed some light here, please...

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that a threat to one's livelihood is less urgent than taking the time to report violation of 501c3 laws?

Anonymous said...

"Do you really think that a threat to one's livelihood is less urgent than taking the time to report violation of 501c3 laws?"

Does MTOPP specifically threaten Tim's livelihood and call for him to be fired? From what I've read they are only making BOAC aware of Tim's behavior in the community and their interpretation of it. I would think if you wanted to really end Alicia Boyd and MTOPP you'd go after them for the alleged violations instead of this flimsy "threat to one's livelihood." According to the timeline of his blog, Tim "knew" of these violations long before MTOPP reached out to BOAC. Now he wants to sue them and not when he initially "knew" of MTOPP supposedly breaking the law? Seems fishy to me...

Unknown said...

I can see how this once liberal and cultural community could attract sentiment such as yours. When you have gutless leaders who don't tolerate dissenting voice-even from those that have a long history in the community is certainly conducive for crack pot comment as yours. My name is Delroy Wright. I was once ine of the krading voice in the prospect lefferts garden community. I was the president of FEPMA-the acronym is now exchanged for PEFMA.just a short history: FEPMA is responsible for the resurgence of both PLGNA and LMA.The fitst to remerge as a result of FEPMA was LMA for which Bob Marvin assumed the presidency. FEPMA was intrumental in the renewal of Errol's Bakery lease;eventhough PEFMA was the standing organization guring the lease negotiation period. This was due to FEPMA'S long lasting relationship established with both business owners and residents. From time to time local residents would often reach out to its former President and chairman-which is me. A couple of months ago,I made a commenton the PLGNA facebook page as a result of how poor the PEFMA's street fair was. My comment drew number of response in support of my observation.instead of the organizers or power there is of the community take note and try to address the issue raised, they removed me from the page. I found this out when I tried to chime in on issues that were raised pertaining the 20 district new york state senatorial race.It amazed me how immature the administrators are of the PLGNA facebook page that they would chose to silence a long standing voice of this community rather than to act objectivly on the issues raised. And so, I can see how sentiment of yours are now permeating this once liberal bashion of a community.

Anonymous said...

Sending harassing messages to coworkers does indeed threaten one's livelihood. It's a clear attempt to get Tim fired.

Additionally, challenging MTOPP's 501c3 practices would not require any investment in a personal attorney - it would require convincing the IRS (or whatever other gov't agencies that get involved) to investigate.

ElizabethC said...

The last bastion of true lunatics is to harass people into quieting their opinions. She's lost her marbles. But I am so sorry this is happening to you!

theQ said...

So much red meat here! Lively. That's the spirit!

Delroy - sorry, but you ran a half-ass excuse for an organization that did ZERO for the community from 2003 when I got here. You may have had a heyday, but it was long past. Hell you haven't had a business here since the early '00s anyway. Seriously, buzz off and stop harassing the recent efforts by actual business owners to motivate and organize. Sheesh.

As to Judge Bret (the guy's name is Bret, after all) I share zero positions with him, don't have his haircut, and have ACTUALLy never sexually assaulted anyone. Him and me, two peas in a pod. Oh, white guys. I get it!

And to MTOPP - the investigation of their illegality is already in swing and doesn't need my help. I can only hope that Tish, as new AG, takes her down hard. I'm out. As my attorney (in waiting) said, when she serves you papers I'm here. I'm not stupid enough to try to fight crazy without expert representation. But I'm also not losing sleep, so don't cry for me PLG.