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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I thought it was awfully thoughtful of this vandal to share his upbeat message - and in the same pastel pink paint as his tag.

Though I must admit that back in corn country where I come from, kindness is often spoken with a "hot dish" and maybe a jello salad.


sarah said...

hotdish? you must be from minnesota. after eating the hotdish, i hope you played "duck duck grey duck". i really enjoy your blog. keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Assemblyman Karim Camara is still sponsoring a free graffitti removal program:

Graffiti Hotline: Assemblyman Camara continues his efforts to keep the commercial
and residential properties of the 43rd District free of graffiti through the Graffiti Removal Program. In 2009, Assemblyman Camara allocated $30,000 in state funding to the Crown Heights North Association as part of a pilot graffiti-cleaning program for the Nostrand Avenue Commercial Corridor within the confines of the 43rd District. The initial program was an overwhelming success, and Assemblyman Camara has again allocated state funding to continue cleaning the 43rd District. This year, the program will be constituent driven, we ask that you call our District Office with the location of any graffiti in your neighborhood and we will ensure that the location is cleaned within 4 weeks of the complaint. Business owners and constituents should note that this program
is offered free of charge, and all reports and/or inquiries should be forwarded to the district office at 718-771-3105.