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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Neighborhood Appears Overnight! Ladies and Gents, I give you: BeCa

If you've ever ventured to the corner of Bedford and Caton, you'll have noticed the odd man out - 2217 Caton is a marvel of inexpensive modern architecture. It's so odd, it's strangely beguiling. Like 34 Crooke Ave before it, it's hard to know exactly who they're marketing this place to. Those people in the picture here suggest they have a certain, um, aesthetic in mind.

They're calling them the BeCa Condos, Be for Bedford and Ca for Caton. Why not the more hep sounding BeCat or BedCat? You know why. You don't get that chic SoHo vibe. And trust me, BeCa is a shoo-in for the next Wooster at Prince.

Seriously though, if you're looking for something "different," - check out the listings and open houses here: 2217 Info.

The ad copy is so delicious I have to post the whole thing here. Loving it! Zen Garden Everybody!!!

"This stunning new development offers modern convenience with an elevator, indoor parking, gym, common roof deck, and bike storage for residents. Exquisitely designed and built with quality material, BeCa's lobby, which mirrors the exotic lava stone tiled facade, leads to the Zen garden and 29 luxurious two-bedroom residences. Inspired by Japanese design, each unit is efficiently laid out to maximize space and features private outdoor space, fully-equipped designer kitchen, Italian-tiled bath, washer-dryer, and video intercom. The efficient use of space means you do not pay for unusable square footage and with… these exceptional prices, low common charges, tax abatement, and FHA or SONYMA financing*, you can own for the cost of renting. BeCa Condos is located on Bedford Avenue and Caton Avenue in the vibrant neighborhood of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. This unique enclave is comprised of a mixture of urban and suburban architecture. Its beautifully, well-preserved Victorian mansions, affordable new condo developments, proximity to Prospect Park, and convenient 20 minute commute to Manhattan via the B/Q and 2/5 trains have made Prospect-Lefferts Gardens one of the latest destinations for buyers from Manhattan and pricier Brooklyn neighborhoods who are seeking a good value in a friendly, close-knit community."


Bob Marvin said...

Is this the new building that's going up next to the slightly mis-named "Lefferts South" condo, that was finished a year or two ago? If so, whenever I pass it I wonder what that strange concrete block structure facing Bedford Ave. is intended to be.

The real estate ad in your link describes the building as being in Ditmas Park, which is even further off than claiming it's in PLG.

babs said...

Wow - so I guess Ditmas Park has passed PLG on the hipness scale. Thank goodness! And thanks for deciphering that name - I thought the developer had a daughter named Rebecca and that Beca was her nickname. I agree - BedCat would have been much better!

Anonymous said...

So are these still on the market? I showed up to a Sunday open house and no one was there?