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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ever wonder what it costs...

In an ongoing series, I look at various buildings and businesses and ask "I wonder what that costs..."

Episode 1. We were recently mailed this enticing advert at work (yes, some bloggers have jobs):

Mrs. Q and I have long been fans of Lily's Touch of Millenium, recently defunct. In reference to a recent brave Hawthorne Street blog post about white folk and hair stylists on Flatbush: Mrs. Q actually got to know Michael, the owner of Lily's, when she was supervising the getting of the hair did for a young dancer, a white English gal who was performing in an art thang. In fact, Mrs. Q got her hair did herself just a couple of years prior as part of a BAM gig she was in. And the intense braiding scene hit even closer to home recently, since our amazing babysitter from Congo takes our daughter over to an African braider named Laura to hang occasionally. I'll put in a plug for Laura here - she's on Woodruff near Flatbush -- but I've never personally had my hair African-braided and I tend to go for the 15 minute cut, rather than the 15 hour variety.

Regarding the building for sale...who's got an extra couple mill to drop on this joint? To pull a Brownstoner, I don't think it's worth more than $1.1. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

If you can lease it for $4,200 a month, it really shouldn't cost more than $800,000 or so.