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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recent Rash of Robberies Riles Residents (er, Burglaries actually)

Some of you may have noticed officers of the 71st Precinct handing out fliers on Flatbush near Midwood. There's been an uptick in burglaries in our area - the cop I talked to pointed towards the Manor and south towards, you guess it, the Q at Parkside. They seem pretty sure this will pass, particularly if any of you have leads as to the perps' identity. Call Detective Bell at 718-735-0505.

Q postette MJMcBee had a bike stolen our of her hallway, and Mr McBee went to the cops with a description of the woman who did it (yeah, I know that's what i thought. woman? I guess I'm sexist). The "lady" in question was actually this familiar crackhead we see on Clarkson from time to time - I saw her later that night outside the Popeye's screaming at cops that "it's a free country!" Well, free until "the man" gets sick of your yapping anyway.

(Now, when I say crackhead, please don't take offense. I don't mean to overgeneralize, or inadvertently malign any of you honest, decent, hard-working crack addicts, I know we tend to lump you all together and call you by the pejorative "crackhead." I'll try to be more careful in the future. But for now...for god's sake put down the pipe. Start a blog! It worked for me...)

Officer Friendly said the burglaries are mostly "easy stuff," by which he meant unlocked or barely locked doors, open windows and the like. But no matter how lazy and entitled this current generation of burglars may be, please be careful and observant. Oh, and if you catch them in the act, why not mention that the really good stuff is on the other side of the park?

Lastly I just gotta point out that burglaries involve breaking or sneaking into places you don't belong, as opposed to robberies, which usually involve the threat of violence - like a mugging or a hold-up. Both involve intended "theft." Hard to say which is worse.

Sleep, um, well.


Anonymous said...

How about Recent Rash of Revisionist Reporting Riles Regular Readers? I know that this is a blog, not a newspaper, and the accuracy standards are wildly lower, but some folks might not like to see the word 'robbery' used when the subject really is burglaries. That said, this is a great blog and having the news and goings-on reported from a couple different sources is a very welcome thing.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Let me introduce you all to A. Nonymous 10:16, my editor. Thanks AN1016!