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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bring Your Hazardous Waste to the Park Day - May 6

Have some HazMats in your basement or closet? Bring 'em to Prospect Park! Not to dump them in the lake, mind you, but for a special one-day Danger Dump at Park Circle (where Parkside meets PPSW). It's May 6, 10am - 4PM rain or shine.

Old jugs of Sunny D do not technically qualify, but will be accepted just the same.

The Deets on the Dump Day.

The Q's band had a song called Hazmats and a proper nonsensical mid-90s video to go with it. Here 'tis:

Hazmats by Babe the blue OX

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ElizabethC said...

Im feeling horribly guilty about all the things that I have just been throwing in the trash. :(