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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Views From Inside Singapore Day

Sorry, but this story is just too bizarre to let slide. Seems Singapore Day 2012 left a mighty mess of garbage in its wake, including tons of construction debris used just for the one day event. Too much garbage, y'all! And just a week out from Earth Day! Tssk tssk. They were still cleaning up truckloads of garbage on Monday, meaning the Nethermead was effectively shut down for five days. Not cool. Especially, as I noted before, because the park WASN'T in it for the money. If not for money, was it for the love? You be the judge.

Local dad Jeremy Zilar brought the family to the outing, and after passing through the all-but-the-body-cavity-search checkpoints, they were greeted with an onslaught of trade-show style booths, many which were clearly NOT family-friendly, at least by Brownstone Brooklyn Standards (BBS, whatever that means; it just kinda rolled off the Q's keyboard). Check out these extraordinary photos of Singapore Day 2012, brought to you by Prospect Park:

Singapore Day 2012

Singapore Day 2012

Singapore Day 2012

Singapore Day 2012

Yes, Singapore is a nation morbidly in love with its own sense of (in)security. And while this is all very fascinating from an anthropological perspective, does the public really need to be supporting a police-state trade-show in our beloved Park? End of story, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Although I find it entirely bizarre, I don't care to judge the event itself.

However the Nethermead was effectively shut down for about a week and whatever park officials authorized this should have their heads examined.

WTF were they smoking?

sell my house said...

Celebrite the Day.

ElizabethC said...

Fun for the whole family!

Anonymous said...

this needs to go viral all over BK. Park officials need to be seriously questioned on their actions.

Anonymous said...

soooo....this is the most bizarre, creepy thing i've read: