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Monday, April 23, 2012

Join the Good CLEAN Fun

There are no excuses anymore. Come on out and help make the neighborhood more prettier. This weekend, as the Q reported here, the merchants of Flatbush (FEPMA) and Nostrand (NMA) have set aside Saturday and Sunday for their cleanup, grafitti-removal and gate painting days. The relevant info is on these flyers, and I urge one and all to come out and lend your support:

Then just two weeks on, an extraordinary coalition of the willing comes together in unprecedented fashion to beautify Flatbush from Grand Army Plaza all the way down to Lenox Road. It's called Flowers for Flabush and they're looking to bring everyone and their grandmother out to mulch, bag, plant, clean and generally take part in a massive mobilization in the name of heightened aesthetics. The brainchild of Skei Saulnier and the Mad Mommas at PLG Civic, they brought in Marty Markowitz, the Botanic Garden, Prospect Park and are recruiting any and all. Give Skei a shout at or call 917-309-3569. Of course, you can just show up at any one of the starting locations noted below. It's spring, baby!


Ceelledee said...

Really great idea and a really great poster to match it!

ElizabethC said...

That Flowers For Flatbush poster is beautiful.