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Thursday, April 19, 2012

There's More Than One Way To Birth a Baby

The Q's little ones entered the world at the same address where they now play, sleep and eat. The experience was intense, particularly where the nearly 11 lb. second one was concerned. (Men: this is not for the squeamish; Women: words cannot begin to express my sympathies). Where a healthy pregancy is concerned, perhaps it's an option you'd like to explore. Among others.

But there's more than one way to squeeze out a puppy, so perhaps you're in the market for ideas that run the gamut? If so, we're big fans of our doula last time around, local mom Sarah Pancake, so we highly recommend the following workshop:


with Sarah Pancake and Shara Frederick

Come find out what the NYC birthing community has to offer.

Tuesday, April 24, 6:00 to 8:00pm @ Play Kids

676 Flatbush Avenue ( Q at Parkside ) PLG

A childbirth educator and a doula (both moms) help you to navigate the overwhelming array of options surrounding labor and delivery. Choosing a provider and a birth location; how to put together a great support team; how to navigate your pain management choices – from using your breath to getting an epidural; and ways to avoid an unnecessary cesarean section. Bring your questions and concerns. Many New York City birth resources will be available.

Sarah Pancake is a DONA International certified labor support doula. She began attending births for friends 15 years ago before becoming a professional doula 6 years ago. Sarah has had the honor of supporting more than 150 women and their partners and loved ones through their labor and births here in NYC. Sarah is a Lamaze trained childbirth educator.

Shara Frederick is a certified Childbirth Educator and Labor Support Doula. She has worked since then to provide labor support and postpartum support to growing families. She serves as a mentor in the NYC Doula Collective and as part of the Education Committee for Choices in Childbirth. She is one of the co-facilitators of their monthly "Healthy Birth Choices "workshops. Since 2010, Shara has been hosting classes for couples planning homebirths as well as for couples delivering in hospitals and birth centers. In 2011 Shara joined Community Midwifery as a birth assistant. She is currently finishing her prerequisites to apply to midwifery school.
Cost: $5 to $15 per person sliding scale

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MadMommaCarmen said...

Cool! I know Shara, we attended a birth together a couple of months ago :)