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Saturday, November 30, 2013

10 Reasons to Shop Local - on the Flabenue

1. Small Business Saturday is here to remind you that bigger is not always better when it comes to shopping for gifts for the loved ones in your life. Finding something special for someone special may, in fact, require special shopping. You can do that by treading places others don't tread.

2. Play Kids at 676 Flatbush will be giving out free tote bags. Oh, and selling some of the swellest and educationalest toys for your tots anywhere. Voted best toy store in the City by New York Magazine!

3. The Q guarantees you will find a gift at Tafari Tribe (593 Flatbush) that NO big box retailers are carrying. It's a one-of-a-kind treasure trove of items from around the world, and hands-down the most colorful store on the Flabenue. Meet Sandra and co in the accompanying video:

4.  Marcia Diva Boutique easily wins the Q's "Most Exciting New Shoppe on the Flabenue for 2013" (though the tiny intimate apparel shop near it may be a more accurate use of the word) and the inventory is wildly eclectic.
Stop in for a browse today at 670 Flatbush.

5. Save-a-Thon-Fabrics at 824 Flatbush is quite simply a neighborhood treasure, not just for its reams of fabrics but for its aisles upon aisles of knicks knacks and paddy wacks, the basic essentials for all kinds of hands-on projects, little things to inspire you to make your own's like one of those suburban craft stores but packed into a decades-old mom-and-pop operation.

6. Smile for Every Sistah in You is run by "sistah" Enuku, and she has a dedicated clientele for a reason - she's friendly as all get-out and curates a completely unique line of bags, clothes and accessories. Definitely worth a stop, again, because you don't want to bore your cousins and aunts with the same ol' same ol' do you? 581 Flatbush. Best named store on the Flabenue, hands down.

7. Gem. Okay, not technically a "boutique" or anything, but dang if they don't have a fantastic selection of really dope and bling Christmas ornaments. My kids love the seasonal section in the front, and this place is my go-to for everything from t.p. to tape to shaving cream. Most items are 25% less than at the Duane Reade next door, which doesn't make my list because I can't think of a single reason to shop there now that I've switched my prescriptions to the delightful and FAST Lincoln Pharmacy across the street. Oh, right. Eco-diapers. But Little Miss FlatBed Jr. III will be out of those soon...I hope.

8. Nykki's Boutique is run by dressmaker Cheryl Carty, and she's a real artist, more than worthy of your patronage. Her bread and butter is custom outfits, but check out the small but choice inventory she keeps for a one-of-a-kind gift for the special lady in your life.

9. Trixie's Pet Food and Supplies gets a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on 24 reviews on Yelp. That's really rare high praise. Now that the Q's cats have moved on, I don't have as much need, but gifts for friends' pets are a great way to show you care AND that you understand their attachment to their little snuggle-wuggle.

10. Technically they're not right on the Rue de Bush, but 65 Fen and PLG Outpost have wines and foodie thangs a-plenty. Wine-ought pick up a bottle today? 65 Fenimore will get you close enough to smell the corks.

There are more of course, but I gotta go make breakfast now. See you out there on the avenue.


cheryl on parkside ave said...

Great advertisement for our local businesses, including the many, many more, on the Flatbush strip. Thank you Q. You are such an asset to the PLG community!!!

Anonymous said...

What about for men?

MadMommaCarmen said...

:) All great stores and you'll be amazed at the items you find. I highly recommend checking them all out.

babs said...

Also, just off Flatbush on Fenimore, don't forget 65 Fen for that special bottle of wine for the holidays, or for tonight!

Anonymous said...

I got some nice gifts, including unique cocktail mixers at PLG Outpost on Fenimore. The selection isn't big, but you can find something nice for a foodie in your life.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

For men? You mean socks? Power tools? Big screen TVs? They buy that stuff throughout the year when they need it.

Men don't need gifts...they need women.

(And for the gay man in your life you might have to go into the City...sorry.)

Unknown said...

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