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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Come Show Your Support For Maple Street Garden

From Tom La Farge of the Maple Street Garden, comes some pretty good news on the Elected Officials front. Don't know if it'll work, but we'd basically be gaining a garden/park for realsies.

Come by for the formal announcement of a plan to take back the garden from crooks. Sunday October 25 at 5pm-ish is the press thang. But come early and volunteer in the garden!

The Maple Street Community Garden is holding a work-day/rally/press conference this coming Sunday, October 25th, from 2-6 pm. The press conference, likely to begin at 5 pm, will feature some breaking news to be announced by State Senator Jesse Hamilton, namely that he is putting his name to legislation that will permanently secure the garden by condemning it by eminent domain. That legislation will be introduced in Albany as early as this coming week. Paula Segal, our attorney, and garden members will be on hand to bring you up to speed on our efforts to fend off the attack in several courts , and also to locate an heir to the last known owner. Both initiatives are looking promising.
We hope that our other elected representatives will also attend.
If you haven't yet seen them, two fine articles, here and here, have come out in the last few days to report on the garden's struggles with felons who claim title to the property.
We'll hope to see you at the garden, 237 Maple Street between Rogers and Nostrand in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, this Sunday around 5.


nw said...

The garden and the scumbags got coverage on WNYC this morning at around 9:30am

Anonymous said...

Heard the WNYC coverage yesterday. Fingers crossed...