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Friday, February 5, 2016

Blogger's Band Plays Rare Show - Tomorrow Saturday

Perhaps you've heard the racket coming out of a basement on Lefferts. Babe the blue OX, once a fixture of Lower East Side dens of iniquity, plays a show at the Dad-Rock friendly hour of 3:30 pm sharp (3pm doors) on Saturday Feb 6 at the Owl Music Parlor right here in Lefferts at 497 Rogers. Some of you Daddy and Mommy rockers may know Elizabeth Mitchell, who's child-friendly records for Smithsonian Folkways make excellent entries into the American folk canon. She'll be playing with her sweet singing band IDA. With appearances by Karla and Matt Schickele (of "K" and Beekeeper fame - Karla also runs the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.), and Chris Rael & Tom Kotik. Should be a great time. The sets are short, the whole shebang will be over by 6, in time for some late afternoon pie at Pels or sammiches at Gratitude Cafe.

$10 at the door, all proceeds benefit the kids of beloved lost brother Jan Kotik, a gem of a musician and artist who will be missed til the day we die. He moved to Prague a dozen years ago, married, had two adorable boys, and died at a tender age.

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