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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prosecution...and Defense (update)

Meeting happened. Lots of words of advice on how to behave in meetings. Will try to conduct myself with less passion in the future. Not sure about the Trans Chair position, but less inclined to care one way or another. Apparently it is considered unseemly to blog while sitting on a Community Board. Couldn't disagree more, but not the first time I've held a contrary opinion.

Holy cow. Why would the Q deprive readers of the verbal pyrotechnics in advance of my trial tonight to be removed as Transportation Chair of CB9? One of the reasons I joined the Board in the first place was to share a (big) bird's eye view on the mechanism of local government. So here's Alicia's latest "poem," sent to hundreds of her minions and plenty of swiped emails, and then my response. Happy reading!

Reminder Today!

Dear Neighbors
CB9’s Executive Board will be considering Tim Thomas removal off of the Transportation Committee
on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 7 pm
at 890 Nostrand Ave.
This man should not only be removed from the Transportation Committee
but from the Board.
And it should not just be because of a fabricated vote,
but his whole mannerism and lack of professionalism,
his aggression and lack of respect.  His racist blog.
He has called the black community, Nutjobs, afraid, assoholics etc...
He called his members of his committee, “Fucking Clowns
He referred to FOIL requests as “Bullshit
He has an harassment charged filed against him
Petitions have been presented against him and given to CB9
and to Eric Adams,
He has disrespected his fellow board members by talking about
them in his blog post.
He has stood up time and time again yelling at the public
making personal attacks against members of the community.
So please come out and let CB9 Executive Board know
It is time for him to go!
Also please come and see if the Chairs of CB9 now consider
themselves apart of the Executive Board with voting power.
In violation of our Bylaws!
(718) 703-3086

Wow! Ms. Boyd, even for you, this is over-the-top. Since you've stated many lies and allegations to the world, I believe I should respond. The folks you sent this email to include dozens of community members, many of whom I consider friends. You have also sent it to elected officials and members of the media. Shame on you.

First: I love my neighborhood. I love the black community, and I prize the black culture of my home borough. Many of the readers of my blog are black, and continue to appreciate my frank essays on race. Some disagree - white, black, other. But I am always respectful, clear, and pointed in my criticism of ongoing racism and injustice. I look at issues in the face. Sometimes I don't like what I see coming from white folks and I call them out on their bull. Sometimes the hypocrites are people of color. I am proud of every statement I've made and stand by it. I don't think you have read much of what I've written, or you would never call me out for racism. I will never know what it is to be a person of color in this society, and I don't pretend to. I speak from the heart. BUT none of that has anything to do with my work on the Community Board - I merely express myself as you do, under the full protection of the First Amendment. I will continue to exercise that right.

Second: You are indeed a menace to civil discourse and I will continue to call you out, and certain members of your group, for your hateful, disruptive and menacing behavior. I've seen you go off on me and other members of the Board. Were I the Chair, frankly I would have you barred from meetings for at least a year. There is precedence, and I will continue to advocate for your prompt removal from meetings you disrupt. That is my right, though clearly not all the Board is inclined to agree with me. Unlike you, I respect the majority opinion.

Third: What I said about the addition of Karen Fleming to my committee was not meant for anyone's ears but the person with whom I was speaking. And I apologized to the person who felt she was lumped in with her, and you. Karen Fleming had already logged numerous complaints about me before the Board, and it's my belief she should never have been added to a committee that I chair. She can join other committees as the Chair sees fit, but her addition actually broke the Chair's commitment to not add more Community members than Board members to a committee. I'll ask that she and others be removed. Again, it's the Chair's call.

Four: You should try running a meeting with openly hostile participants. It ain't easy! I've been fair, but I've been firm. I will listen, but I won't be bullied.

Five: I have never called the Black Community "nutjobs or ass-a-holics." I have called you and two other members of your scrum that. In honor of the great Martin Luther King, Jr., I have judged you on the content of your character. One of your pals likes to point a finger in my face and call me "KKK." Nice. You have a nasty habit of calling people who don't agree with you "Uncle Toms." Again, nice. You have no moral authority to call me out on anything.

Six: I did call your FOIL request "bullshit." Why? Because you need only have asked us the question. Your constant threats of legal action only underscore just how unable you are to play nicely, as a team. 

Seven: I have never fabricated ANYTHING. I repeat, I have never fabricated ANYTHING. I have already been through this with the Board. The minutes from the meeting in question will be voted on at the next Transportation Committee meeting. There were occasional mistakes made, but never, I repeat NEVER have a lied about anything in public. EVER.

You speak a lot about "community" Alicia Boyd. It's high time you exercise the idea in your own life and in your activism. We are not your enemy - we are your neighbors.



Bob Marvin said...

Here here! Well said Tim.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Good for you. As a reader of your blog from outside the community, I can't believe you put up with this Bull for a volunteer position. I totally don't understand the stance taken by the community. Rather than being pro-active AB and her gang are being reactive, which does nothing to help your community. It's a shame in today's world the loud, divisive voices carry more weight than the truth

Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what an insane if not crappy world we live in now when this horrible and selfish Alicia Boyde can become so powerful and important based on her goal of protecting her own greedy real estate ventures.
Why are these boards and organizations given her so much respect and caving into her demands ? Jesus people are so weak. Very much is wrong with American values and politics these days.

Creepy Burger King said...

I think all will agree tonight's first showing of Crucible Board 9 was a blast.

Tim Thomas definitely has to go.

He cannot be on the community board and then go out and blog about the issues or opinions of the community. This leads to discourse, debate and a more informed democracy. He should stop this. What we do need is more people to be silent about racist emails.

Tim's one time use of a four letter curse word has harmed the virgin ears of all those who attend CB 9. CB 9 members are all Ivy league geniuses who never make mistakes. To rectify this problem, I would like to see CB9 reclaim the "F" word, where it means Fudge. But not everyone can use the "F" word, just people whose birthdate is an even number and who live on a street with more than seven letters.

Finally, I ask that that Tim Thomas be removed from the transportation committee immediately and placed on a new PC committee, so he can be re-educated.

Daniel Kristjansson said...

I hope it went well. And either way I'm sorry you had to endure the abuse.

I went before CB9 and recounted the death of my daughter Zoe in my arms while she heckled me relentlessly about not living here (of course untrue, but also irrelevant). That Alicia Boyd and Karen Fleming are feel it acceptable to lie over and over again is a character flaw. It's that local petit-politicians believe it is acceptable to use these deranged demagogues to settle personal vendettas that is the most unsettling aspect of the total breakdown of CB9 as an advisory body to the city.

MikeF said...

My favorite part is that people believe "if only my opponents weren't at the community board, we could accomplish things".

Anonymous said...

"It's that local petit-politicians believe it is acceptable to use these deranged demagogues to settle personal vendettas that is the most unsettling aspect of the total breakdown of CB9 as an advisory body to the city."

Fascinating, Daniel K. Please expand on that.

Anonymous said...

What a whiner you are Mr.Thomas. You are everything that is wrong with the American male.