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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LGCS Closing? A Petition? And an Opening

Sad to hear the Chancellor has plans to close the local Lefferts Gardens Charter School. It opened with such optimism 6 years ago, but staff and board issues made the early days anything but smooth sailing, and some say it struggled to gain its footing. Still, my impression that principal Michael Windram had put things on a strong course in the past couple years. If you'd like to see LGCS remain as an option in the 'hood, please sign the petition!

In brighter news, right down on the corner, at Rogers and Parkside, the terrific Gratitude Cafe has opened a second location. Please stop in and join the chorus of congrats to Richard Otto & Annalisa Riordan. They've been nothing but sweet and gracious boosters of everything Lefferts since they opened up at Midwood/Rogers. Their food is delicious and homemade, the space welcoming, and the smiles genuine. Feeling certain this new location will hit all the right chords. Good luck R&A!

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